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Does RVD Miss WWE?, Jeff Hardy Comments on CM Punk, ESPN Covers Godderz

– Rob Van Dam was asked on Twitter if he missed WWE. RVD replied, “NO I don’t.”

– ESPN published an article looking at the TNA debut of “Mr. PEC-Tacular” Jessie Godderz.

– Jeff Hardy was asked about the recent fan incident with CM Punk during a media conference earlier this month.

“I have not seen it but CM Punk is great wrestler but we are on different pages with our beliefs and who we are. I need to check that out. He is crazy talented but we do not keep in touch. I have nothing bad to say about him.”

  • eric

    Thing is as jbl and honky tonk man were saying last yr on youtube. honky shake rattle roll radio interview with jbl in 2011. where jbl sayd russo should be fired. type in jbl says russo should be fired on youtube. u will see jbl says he doesn’t know why tna can’t put ass on seats. says jeff hardy rvd, angle were big draws who drew alot money. jbl was right. jeff was mad over with kids. in 2009 just as many kids had jeff hardy shirt on as cena shirt. jeff drew money merchadise ratings ppv buyrates. that why vince and wwe promoted him to 2 reigns as world champion in summer of 2009. matt hardy was midcard talent at best. vince is all about cash. he would signed mr jeff hardy in heartbeat. because jeff would make a shit load of money for vince and wwe. with all little kids buying his shirt gear. buying tickets ordering ppvs every month. kids love jeff. he would draw money. drawing money is the main thing vince cares about. as any smart sucessful businessman would. jeff hardy would make vince money with kids. vince would sign him for that fact!

  • adam

    not for tna there isnt

  • luckysalt

    How many times we gunna see a post on wrestling sites about ‘does RVD miss WWE, would RVD go back to WWE’ or ‘Jeff Hardy comments on Punk, says he has nothing bad to say’

    Its the same old shit all the time. Is there really nothing else to report?

  • adam

    @mtlhitman I could see wwe possibly brining jeff back. But there is no way they will hire matt back. After his youtube videos and everything that was said i doubt it hightly. Also you gotta think jeff was a Huge draw and a big star for them. Matt wasnt.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see Hardy is being humble due to the fact WWE could ask him to come back next year and maybe finish up his career there. It’s a smart move career wise if the door is still open and its proven Hardy can get over with the fans when he puts effort in.

  • Angry Benny

    I saw that video in the diner, funny shit, but really? CM PUNK is the champ in a better company, Jeff Hardy is champ because Aries didn’t draw like he was suppose to brother, And yes RVD is missed in WWE, but I wouldn’t want to work that schedule either, and Florida is nice pretty nice all year long, so yeah, he gets paid big buck to be R V D

  • mtlhitman

    Hardy in TNA is pretty much is last run as a top start even if he go back to wwe it would be a 2 or 3 months thing that fans really get excited he need to work on new moves and graples in the ring he need to show is fans all around the world even with the past he as he is still one of the best.Jeff and Matt should go back to wwe and have a 1 or 2 years last run as a tag-team where they all started.

  • Yea but look at where he is now. Tna believed in him and he’s better than ever.

  • Robinson

    I understand that dont hold a man by his past, but think about it, he’s had a long past with drugs so its hard to take somebodies word for it when he’s done this before and still went back to drugs alot more than just one time. When you show up to a PPV and theres thousands of fans wanting to see it and you show up they way he did, i personally would have fired his ass permanently IMO. That was extremly unprofessional to fellow wrestlers in any company and to fans who look up to him. So fuck Jeff Hardy IMO.

  • All that is from what Hardy has done in the past. Don’t hold a man down for that. And that response was as classy as it gets. U negative fucks make me sick.

  • adam

    He wont say anything bad about him in a intreview but in his and matt’s youtube rants they will still classy jeff. As for RVD of course he doesnt miss wwe he can do all the drugs he wants in TNA

  • Apacaveli

    Sorry Jeff Hardy But Your Not In Cm Punk’s League You Couldnt Even Lace His Boots.Im Sorry But Meth Hardy Is Boring As Shit In The Ring I Mean The Guy Needs New Finishing Moves A New Submission Hold Wouldnt Hurt Either….

  • Macho Madness

    Its funny how Jeff says he has “nothing bad to say about him (Punk)”. Anyone want to check out his youtube rant while he was high at a diner shooting on Punk. I’m sorry, but Punk is a fantastic wrestler who sticks with his beliefs. Hardy has vowed to better himself on how many different occasions? I’m over that “daredevil” taking place of people who have scratched, crawled and climbed their way to the top like Ariels and Roode who have stayed clean and are phenominal WRESTLERS just like Punk.

  • Robinson

    wasnt really a classy answer when Jeff get’s immedietly defensive…

  • Thomas

    RVD may not miss the WWE but the WWE misses him. Mostly the fans.

  • Superman

    Bet he misses the money though

  • byron

    I wouldn’t miss the pg crap either!

  • One

    Say what you want about Hardy, but that was a classy answer.

  • Nick

    he doesn’t miss it because he knows they dont allow their wrestlers to get high