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Ryan on the RAW Roster, WWE Issues Wellness Reminder, Screech Wrestling

– Dustin “Screech” Diamond of Saved by the Bell and Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling fame will be appearing for the AAW promotion on February 11th in Merrionette Park, Illinios. Screech has issued an open challenge to the AAW roster. Raven will also be in action that night.

– WWE has added Mason Ryan to the RAW roster.

– Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas noted on the Right After Wrestling podcast that WWE recently sent out their annual Wellness Policy letter to former talents reminding them that they can be sent to rehab on WWE’s dime.

  • Charles

    Screech is a celebrity?


    he mentioned mason ryan was added to wwe roster

  • cena approved

    LOL, since alot of you tools came here, this site hasn’t been that good since 2008. Don’t blame middleton he does’nt have to do this so stfu and show some respect. What happend? in summer 08 once wwe went PG more than half of you fucks are goddamn assholes

  • gargoylerich

    Ummmm, Keylo? No more caffiene for you bud, calm down. Since WE has no indepedent column, those get lumped in with the WWE column.

  • CM Mark

    Punk + Ryan = Domination.

  • keylo

    Dustin “Screech” Diamond and what the fu ck does this have to do with WWE ? middleton u are a pr ick of the highest order and should not be allow post here. W-E do something about this plank for crying out loud as he is a tool and ruins what is a good site.