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Ryback Says He Would Shell Shock Top Attitude Era Stars

– Ryback recently spoke with The New York Post’s Post Game Report to promote the WWE ’13 video game. Here are some highlights:

PGR: Did you get a chance to try WWE ’13 out yet and give your stamp of approval?

Ryback: Just briefly, I’m not a big video gamer these days but I had WWE send me a copy of the game. I have an Xbox and I don’t use it much for games, but that’s one that I will play when I’m home on my off days. I have heard so many good things about it. Just playing it briefly, I can tell I’ll probably get addicted to it fairly quickly. It definitely has my stamp of approval.

PGR: How does this all factor into the year you’ve had, your meteoric rise to fame?

Ryback: It’s been great. I just live my life one day at a time. I don’t get too high or too low. Everything that’s happened to me, I expected to happen. I don’t know if others expected it, but I’m very thankful for that and everything that I’m continuing to get. I literally just live one day at a time and try to be my best each and every day and go from there. We have a ton of shows, a ton of pay-per-views, the moment you get complacent, it all stops. It’s been fun but I look forward to the next year ahead and the one after that to keep this thing going.

PGR: Talking about the Attitude Era, where would Ryback stand against Stone Cold, the Undertaker, The Rock?

Ryback: I think you would see Shellshocked around the horn on all of those guys. I would fare well in any era, I believe, just because of my mindset and who I am. I’m glad to be a part of this era right now though because we’re in a pretty special time and the years ahead are going to be some great, great years and I look forward to being the forefront of it. Ryback, I firmly believe would do well in any era in the WWE.

PGR: What would be your dream match if you could go back to that time?

Ryback: Attitude Era, honestly all of those guys, but if I had to pick one, it would be Stone Cold Steve Austin just because he was at the top back then and that’s what I want, the top of the food chain. He was the big dog back then and that would be the one right there.

  • Lew

    I think ryback would have been a big star in the attitude era just because Vince McMahon like muscle head wrestlers and he like them even more during the attitude era

  • Jake

    Shell shock anyattitude era star? You could barly get Tensai (Albert) up

  • donkster

    He wouldn’t even get on TV back then

  • poko

    I don’t mind him saying that–really, what is he supposed to say–but I’m not sure he would have been nearly as big in the Attitude Era. Upper-midcard, maybe, but the reason he’s in the main event now has more to do with a lack of performers who are major players than anything else. He needs to be at the top for a couple of years before we can believe he could have rivaled the superstars of the past.

  • adam

    He would get destroyed and laughed out of the building in the attitude era

  • EdgeucateYou

    I don’t know if he’s trying to be in character but Ryback sounds cocky as hell. Good to see he’s got confidence though.

  • cc

    Meteoric rise? I would hardly call his rise meteoric considering he was in Tough enough 8 years ago, then spent time as a joke character on NXT.
    Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot we are not sposed to remember he existed prior to using the name Ryback.

  • Sammo

    Austin, Undertaker, Rock, HHH, Mankind, Chris Jericho, HBK, Brian Pillman, Edge, Christian, Hardyz, New Age Outlaws, Bulldog, Jeff Jarrett, Kane, Owen Hart, Rikishi, Hardcore Holly, Ken Shamrock, Shane-O-Mac, Kane, Val Venis, Al Snow, Farrooq, Tazz, Too Cool, Raven > Ryback

    I don’t think Ryback would have fared very well at all in The Attitude Era.


    so should we call it HEEL TURN of ryback……..????
    i guess YES!YES!YES!