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Ryback Slams Heyman, McGillicutty Wins Squash, Swagger

– Ryback vs. CM Punk at last night’s RAW live event in Hartford, Connecticut had been advertised to be a Last Man Standing Match but was not. Ryback ended up winning via DQ when Paul Heyman ran in to break up a pin. After the bell, Ryback could barely get Heyman up for his Shellshocked finisher so he just slammed him instead. Punk then made the save but Ryback laid him out to end the show.

– Another match of note at last night’s live event in Hartford saw Michael McGillicutty beat David Otunga in about 20 seconds. McGillicutty cut a babyface promo before the match. We reported a few weeks back that Triple H was very high on McGillicutty and it appears his new push may be beginning soon.

– As noted on Saturday, Jack Swagger was back on the road working weekend live events, losing to Brodus Clay. Swagger is said to be sporting a longer, slicked-back hair style, different than the style he was wearing before he left WWE TV several weeks back.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I wish McGillicutty would just go by Joe Hennig. If Orton, DiBiase, and Rhodes can use their family name and lineage, why not Hennig? We all know you’re Perfect’s kid, you look just like him. I like him too, but he doesn’t stand out. Stick him in a singlet like his father. He doesn’t have to be Mr. Perfect, Jr. but at least play up the fact that you’re his kid. Perfect will always be one of my all-time favorites, and it’d be great to see his kid win the IC title someday. The same classic IC title his dad held.

    And LOL @ Ryback.

  • Notingham

    He did get Tensai up once in it….It’s very difficult and awkward positioning. I could see a guy who’s not as big like Heyman being a challenge just on the body type. FU is about as easy as one can get.

  • Rated R

    I’d love to see some of you guys pick up fully grown man into that position for the shellshock finisher 😀

    But i do think the move is alright, I can think of better finishers for Ryback

  • Graham

    jack swagger awesome

  • Dan

    I think its more the fact that Heyman is not a wrestler so can’t help Ryback get him up as much as others can. Tensai just plain and simply isn’t very good, but if he were to attempt it on one of the more seasoned big men like Kane and maybe Big Show he’d have more luck.

  • paul s

    As much as I hate cena, he never fails an AA/FU. hes getting a push and cant perform his finisher. Go figure. Well done wwe this is a well deserved push. Not.

  • Frank

    Is Heyman that heavy??

  • Shawn

    Ryback officially needs to come up with another finisher. If he can’t pick up Heyman and Tensai, why bother? Either get a new finisher, come up with a suitable alternate finisher or hit the damn weight room, rookie!

  • RAMSES 2

    finally a push to joe!!!!!!!