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Ryback Talks WWE Title Match Cancellation, Wanting to Replace John Cena and More

Ryback recently spoke to Digital Sky. Here are some highlights.

The cancellation of his match with CM Punk this Sunday at TLC: “”It’s unfortunate. I believe I’m going to be the WWE champion for many years to come – a staple of the WWE. It’s just delaying the inevitable. I tend to focus on the positives. When I destroy CM Punk I want him healthy. I know that time will come, but right now I get the next best thing and that’s feeding on The Shield and handing their guys their first loss in their first pay-per-view match, so I’m very excited about that.”

Working with former Nexus teammate Daniel Bryan again: “I just had a match with him at one of our WWE live events and it was a lot of fun. We’re all different styles, essentially, me, Kane and Daniel Bryan – especially Dan. It’s great tagging with him and we have our history in the past, and he’s one of the few guys I get along with outside of being in the ring. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

What he hopes to accomplish by WrestleMania 30: “It’s great to talk ahead. I focus on one day at a time, but my goal is to be WWE champion, World Heavyweight Champion. My goal is to not just replace John Cena but blow John Cena out of the water. I’m very vocal about that. I want to beat John in all aspects of this thing – merchandise, fan base – because I believe I can.

“That’s what our company – the WWE needs somebody who’s not going to be intimidated, who’s not going to be afraid. I’m that guy. We haven’t had that. We need somebody. John’s not going to be around forever.

“I have nothing but respect – I think he’s one of the hardest-working guys in the history of this company but my goal is to be my best. And I believe my best is better than him. And he knows that too, and there’s a friendly rivalry there and I look forward to seeing how I do against him in the coming year.”

  • Frank

    Ryback is a joke! Feed me more, finish it & wake up time are all stupid catch phrases! That bobbing of his head when he’s in the ring & those stupid facial expressions he makes just annoy the hell out of me! I’m no Cena fan but he’s miles above Ryback. Ryback will be a midcarder by the time SummerSlam rolls around.

  • yofitz

    Feed me more is old and boring.

    Ryback sucks.

  • Omar

    This guy has NO charisma. Batista had charisma but even he couldnt dethrone Cena. Cena isnt a nobody, he is really talented and worked really hard. It is just that he was forced down audience’s throats for far too long. If that happens with Ryback, he will be gone like the dodos.

  • charlie

    Listen I can’t stand john cena, and usually I would pick anyone over cena but I don’t like ryback at all. And even I think cena is better then ryback

  • but the only trouble is no one can beat the BEST IN THE WORLD the ROCK is gonna find that out at RR 2012

  • Preacher

    The more Ryback talks…the less I like him

  • nick

    ryback is better than john