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Ryback Victim Talks About Training for WWE & TNA, Ryback’s Backstage Reputation, More

Dan Barone, who wrestled Ryback on the June 29th Smackdown, was interviewed by The Top Rope Radio show. Here are some highlights from the interview.

On Ryback’s backstage reputation: “One thing that I want to point out is I always like to stay in touch with wrestling so I read a couple dirt sheets, and a lot of the dirt sheets would say that other WWE wrestlers would claim that they wouldn’t want to work with Ryback because he was too stiff or too unsafe. That was completely false. He was extremely nice, extremely careful and cautious on what he was going to do to us and everyone liked him backstage. That is a false accusation on Ryback.”

On training with WWE and TNA: “I definitely learned way more from William Regal than I did with D’Lo Brown. I think William Regal was more in general trying to help us whereas D’Lo Brown could have been ‘you know, do this,’ but was giving more general advice like ‘get bigger, get stronger.’ William Regal said, ‘be different, wrestle this way rather than how everyone wrestles this way.'”

  • Tyler(:

    Does Regal still wrestle? I’d put him with Drew McIntyre as either Manager/Partner.

    both guys are from the UK and will draw heat trash-talking America, so would be awesome, IMO.

  • Logan

    It’s not going to happen but I would love to see William Regal vs Bryan Danielson at WM29. It would be cool if they finally put WWE/World belt on Regal but it doesn’t need to be for a title. I know the master and student have wrestled before but it be cool to see it on the grandest stage of them all.

  • Apacaveli

    Ryberg Is A Rehash Of Goldberg But He’s Good With His Shellshock Fininsher.

  • CC

    @The Real CM Punks Promo, yeah it has worked out for him seeing as how long he has kept his job in the biggest wrestling company in the business. Where is D’Lo exactly?

  • voice of reason

    @ misfit del rio i couldnt agree more there that’s why i thought william regal would have been perfect for smackdown gm.

  • SYM

    No one Bashed the Head Bobbing D’Lo Brown. No wonder this guy isn’t on the Main Roster of anything.

  • Bill

    Regal Rules! Plus, Ryback needs a feud.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    Yah, because that has clearly worked out for him . . . Not.

  • misfit del rio

    I say anytime, some one like Regal opens his mouth and conveys some of his knowledge you listen.