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Another Ryback-Cena Showdown, More on WWE Tryouts, Edge

– We noted before that WWE will be holding tryouts this week in the UK. Those tryouts began this morning with two three-hour sessions. Jim Ross is working the tryouts and revealed that there are 28 prospects participating and two of those are women.

– As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Edge will undergo neck surgery on Thursday – a procedure that he has put off for several months. The surgery will keep him from doing any public appearances for some time.

– The finish to Ryback vs. CM Punk at Tuesday’s RAW live event in Glasgow, Scotland saw a DQ after Paul Heyman brought out Tensai and other heels to attack Ryback. Ryback fought them off when Kane made the save. This brought out Dolph Ziggler and then John Cena came out.

After Ryback hit his finisher on Punk, he had a staredown with Cena. Cena tried hugging it out with Ryback but he wasn’t having any of it. The showdown ended with Cena and Ryback shaking hands.

  • Vic

    You hit the nail right on the head my friend.

  • marcum

    OK so people constantly slam Cena and how he always wins, but during the attitude er Stone Cold and The Rock were the same exact thing except Sone Cold had a potty mouth and the rock had a popular catch phrase. ITS THE SAME THING JUST A DIFFERENT TIME!! You people just remember watch the attitude era when you were younger and glorify it as if every time Stone Cold was in a match he didn’t get beat up the entire time and then come back with the thez press, mudhole stomp, elbow drop with flipping off, and then the stunner for the win. Shure he was better on the mic but so was Cena when he had more of a free range to say what he wanted to, but now he has a limited vocabulary because WWE has turned to a PG rating. So because you grew up watching Austin and look up to him as one of the best wrestlers ever people that started watching when Cena became the top star nobody can look up to him because thats apparently sucking Cena’s dick, but doing the exact same thing for Stone Cold, The Rock, or Triple H is totally ok and nobody has a problem with that. People constantly criticize this era and say its no good because nobody will let it be its own era. they always go back to the attitude era and try and compare a completely different time with this one. Its getting ridiculous and we need to let this era be good before we automatically break it down because you can’t get over a time period from a decade ago.

  • Turn Off The Dark

    Oh my jesus, people. Kindly get the fuck over it…It’s now a more family friendly show and they throw in things to make people laugh like “Hugging it out” Grow the hell up. God.

  • Shawn

    John Cena vs. Ryback at Wrestlemania 29. Pass of the torch match? Hhm….

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    How the hell did WWE go from D-Generation X (the good ole days where they would get girls to flash the audience); Stone Cold Steve Austin being a fouled mouth SOB flipping middle fingers while pouring cement into Vince McMahon’s cars; the Rock with his 500$ sunglasses and 500$ T-shirts and along with his side burns and fancy shoes sliding into a People’s Elbow; Kane and Undertaker being in an inferno match; King being one of the greatest heel commentators; Sable being bare naked with black hand-prints on her rack…

    to mother f u c k i n g having their top WWE star wanting to hug out his issues with his opponent that hes going to face for the WWE title… Even shaking hands is super lame. What are they? Best friends who are not going to fight even if its for the WWE title because they have a hard-on for each other. So freaking lame.

  • WOW

    even off TV Cena is a tool.

  • SYM

    HHH/Taker staredown was much better.

  • nick

    hugging it out, are you kidding me?