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Ryback’s Reaction for RAW Closing Segment, Rey and Slaughter, Barrett

– Here are photos of Rey Mysterio and Sgt. Slaughter representing WWE at the Hulu Upfronts in New York City on Tuesday:

Rey Slaughter 1

rey Slaughter 2

Rey was telling people at the event that he hopes to be back in the ring this summer.

– Wade Barrett will be appearing at Hastings in Odessa, Texas on May 11th from 3pm until 5pm.

– In what can’t be a good sign for Ryback getting over in the feud with John Cena, word from RAW is that he got zero reaction when he came out after the main event on Monday’s RAW to show that he was still in the building.

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  • JAckh45

    Zero reaction because we all knew Ryback was still there, no one was surprised, not even the 5yo fans… I just wish he would hurry up and join the Shield… that would cause the reaction they are looking at.
    Even tho the Shield will probably crumble if it had anyone join it… but still that attachment would make people stand up and take note.

  • TheBlackWorm


  • I was there. They had Ryback working hard Monday night. Before the doors opened, He came outside to the merch trailor, Cut a promo where he ripped up a foam Cena hand. Signed some autographs and then walked back into the building. You can’t cut a heel promo then be buddy buddy with the fans.

  • Stumpy

    Maybe he got zero reaction because nobody really wanted him to turn heel. Everybody above 10 y/o and not a chick wanted the heel turn to be Cena.

  • TheBlackWorm

    He’s BORING. plain and simple.