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Rybaxel Wants a Title Shot, Daniel Bryan Rants on Government Corruption, The Bella Twins

– The Bella Twins appeared at the grand opening of the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas last night. Here’s a photo from Instagram:

Bellas at Sugar Factory

– Daniel Bryan made the rare Twitter appearance last night to rant on the state of Arizona charging people who install solar panels in 2014. He wrote:

“Arizona will start charging people who install solar panels starting next year. Corporate greed strikes again. And they have the audacity to call their company Arizona PUBLIC SERVICE. This is a war going on country wide, so make your voice heard. We’ve reached a point of absolute corruption, where our government and lawmakers care more about corporations than they do its citizens. I’ve never been much in to social media, but I think it’s time to start using it to galvanize change. To those spreading awareness already, sorry I’m late to the party.”

– Ryback and Curtis Axel spoke to Tom Philips on after their non-title win over Goldust and Cody Rhodes on SmackDown last night. Ryback said nobody is hotter than he and Axel right now. “Rybaxel” also talked about deserving wanting a tag team title shot. WWE has not announced a tag team title match for TLC yet but there’s been speculation that a Fatal 4 Way for the titles may take place.

  • Dakota

    I liked Showmiz. Made me think of Showbiz, which sounds pretty cool, so I really didn’t have a problem with WWE using that name

  • Andy

    I just don’t think mashups are ever good names for a tag team haha

  • oppa

    I guess they figure if they can charge you for water, they can charge you for anything. The odd part is while you can shut off someones water, you cannot block their access to the sun.

  • Chris

    Jerishow grew on me, I thought showmiz was worse than that

  • JohnCena33

    Either jail or fine you. Sad that not even the sun is free anymore. I guess the air tax is next.

  • los322

    And here I thought WWE was the only place ran by morons… Spoke too soon

  • Andy

    Idk I thought jerishow was a pretty bad one

  • Kristopher Robinson

    How can you charge for solar energy?! What would they do if you couldn’t pay?!

  • Dakota

    Rybaxel??…That IS THE stupidest smashed together name they have come up with in all the years ive been watching