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Ryder Ending His Online Show?, Nash Pulled from Indy Show, Cena Video

– Below is video of John Cena promoting RAW on the FOX affiliate in Kansas City Monday morning. Cena discusses talk of him turning heel and more:

– Zack Ryder told WWE Magazine in a new article that he would like to end his YouTube show when he gets where he wants to be on WWE TV. He said:

“Well, I’m tired of it already, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some viewers get tired of it soon. Honestly, I can only do this show for so long before the charm kinda wears off. Once I get to where I want to be on TV, then there will be no need for the show, and that’s a good thing.”

– Kevin Nash has been pulled from the Northeast Wrestling promotion’s Autumn Ambush show on October 1st.

Source: PWTorch

  • Nicholas G

    I always had a lot of respect John Cena how he handle himself in an out of the ring. To me it doesn’t matter how many times he been WWE or World champion because he work so hard with so little wrestling talent he has in that ring. An trust me there has been far worst WWE champion then Cena. I know the internet gets so tired of see John Cena the WWE champion. But it not like the guy has not earn everything he has an I am not even a big fan of his just respect the guy a whole lot. Don’t see him crying a whole lot to all the people that hates him either. All the people that wants Cena to turn heel only wants him to turn heel so everybody else can start hating him. It how the internet works if it somebody they don’t like that is a goody to shoe they want the guy to turn heel so everybody else can hate him.

    But to me Cena is not really a bad guy an really don’t has what it takes to be a great heel anymore. He got to many kids that looks up to him. An there are a lot of adults that like him too. I been to many live WWE events an I tell you if you think Cena fans are only kids you are sadly mistaken.

    Now don’t me wrong there are times when I wish Cena does not always have the WWE title but I don’t blame Cena. It a lot of time the people running WWE always wanting to see Cena with the WWE title. I for one can go for 1 or 2 Wrestlmania without Cena being the WWE champion but like I said don’t blame Cena one bit. Hey there are time when Cena said on many interviews that he would not mind not being WWE champion for a little while. An I feel that he won’t be WWE champion come this year Wrestlmania.

    In closing again not one of Cena biggest fan nor am I a mark. Just have a lot of respect for how he handle his critics with class. There has been many guys like Hogan who has never handle his critics very well an I was a big fan of Hogan at one point. But over the years Hogan to me has become more and more classless while Cena has become more respected then even Hogan. Maybe not are for making wrestling for what it is today like Hogan. But as far as class goes an a real nice person Cena beats Hogan hands down.

  • breezy

    th day his show ends the day he will be just another jtg

  • Effmenow


    The day you end you’re online show, will be the day you will go back to being a jobber.

  • Dave

    Are you serious bro?