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Ryder Wins WWE Fantasy Football, More Comments on Being Snubbed

– As noted earlier, Zack Ryder tweeted his frustration about being snubbed on the “Did You Know?” graphic about WWE Superstar Twitter followers on RAW last night. Here are some more tweets from Ryder:

“Can @WWE read? I have 989k twitter followers. @mikethemiz has 879k. #AREYOUSERIOUSBRO #HMMM”

“So on #RAW it just showed the most followed superstars in @WWE and they just skipped me? #AREYOUSERIOUSBRO”

“Hey @WWE. Whose decision was it to leave me off the “The World Follows WWE On Twitter” list? You can just DM me the answer. I won’t tell.”

“Hey @WWE…#RyderHasMoreFollowersThanMiz is trending worldwide. 🙂 Sorry @mikethemiz.”

Ryder also revealed that he won this year’s WWE Fantasy Football competition. Here he is with the Vince McMahon Trophy:

Zack Ryder Wins WWE FF

  • Jack

    I like how WWE hijacked the tools that Ryder was using to get himself over, then they take over all his stuff and then bury him with those very same tools. Good work WWE.