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Ryder’s Gear for WrestleMania 29, Injury Update on Tyson Kidd, Dusty

– Tyson Kidd posted the following injury update on Saturday:

“Able to workout legs and do cardio for the first time in over 2 months. Time to rebuild #workhorse”

– Dusty Rhodes confirmed on Twitter that he will be at Monday’s old-school RAW.

– Zack Ryder says he had special gear made for his WrestleMania 29 clash against WWE catering:

“I wonder if Catering ordered special gear for #WrestleMania like I did… #RyderVsCatering #RyderOrRiot”

Ryder WM 29 Gear

  • d_pooch

    Nice ring gear, I hope he gets a chance to use it.

  • Solid

    WWE dropped it, or lost interest, who knows how the brains in there determine who is ‘over’ who isn’t (cause it isn’t going by crowd reactions) I think they either get lazy, or someone just doesn’t ‘feel it’ anymore, they think the push was a failure before they gave anything a chance to happen (or in Tensai’s case they had him jobbing to cena or other top tier talent when he’s supposed to be getting over) or someone from up high says ‘stop pushing this guy’ or something, who knows.

  • Matt Trovato

    So what happened to him facing Ziggler? Granted his YouTube show is over but it would be kinda cool if they kept their feud going on Raw or something, burn some of those three hours on something other than replays of what happened 20 minutes ago.