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Sabu Interview: His Last Run with WWE, Working Indies and More

– ECW Original Sabu spoke with The Poughkeepsie Journal this weekend. Here are some highlights:

How much are you still wrestling nowadays and what have you been up to?

I still wrestle a couple of times a week. I go to Japan tomorrow actually. England in about a month. I was in Mexico a couple of months ago. I’ve got a lot going on.

You still enjoy it? You still love getting in there?

Not as much as I used to. A couple of weeks ago, I wrestled in Indiana in front of about seven people. I swear to God. And there was no heat. I swear to God, it sucked.

What promotion are you wrestling for in Japan?

It’s called Smash. The boss there and the top guy is Tajiri.

You had a WWE run that ended in May of 07 that might have surprised some people.

I don’t think it surprised people. I think they were surprised it lasted that long.

What were your thoughts on that run and getting to run with a lot of the ECW guys and get back in the national spotlight?

It started out OK and then it turned sour. I don’t know what to say without hurting somebody’s feelings. They didn’t want me to be me. They wanted me to be somebody else. I was already somebody for 20 years. The main thing for me, and the bait for me to stay as long as I did was they were supposed to put my uncle (The Sheik) in the Hall of Fame, which they did, and I wanted to do at least one WrestleMania, which I did.

  • Doink The Clown

    “come at me, bro”


  • donners

    @ jimbo:

    couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Jimbo

    Type in “Botchamania” in Youtube and enjoy. There’s about 160 episodes (10 minutes each or so. I’ve seen maybe 50 and Sabu is in almost all of them.

  • bloodstone

    what the heck are you talking about?

  • Jimbo

    Oh please, “They didn’t want me to be me.” Well of course, you’re the biggest son of a botching spot-monkey of all-time!

    Yeah, ECW fanboys, I said it…come at me, bro.

  • Devil_Rising

    WWE, aka Vince, really did mess up (almost on purpose) with the ECW thing. Granted, I was never personally a HUGE fan of the original ECW, but I respected it nonetheless. There were many guys that came out of ECW that I became a huge fan of over time, such as Mick Foley, Raven, Tazz, Rhino, Tajiri, and RVD. For that matter, Jerry Lynn, Chris Jericho and Lance Storm.

    But regardless, I think they really messed up bad with the ECW “Brand”. They could have done so much. At one point, before RVD shot his own push in the foot with the weed thing, they were really poised, it seemed, to have something pretty good. Even take away Angle and Big Show, and at one point, they had the FBI, they had RVD as champ, Sabu, Sandman, Dreamer, Al Snow, Shannon Moore, what I thought was a really promising tag-team in Burke & Terkay, CM Punk, and they were even pushing the hell out of a returned Test. They could have, and should have, done a LOT more with that brand. They should have had Super Crazy on it. They should have put the belt on Test, NOT Bobby Lashley…..just…the whole thing started out cool, it’s own separate thing that could have been great. But then they just pissed on it.

    I felt really bad for Heyman after that. It was his baby. I didn’t feel bad for RVD, because even though he is one of my fav. wrestlers, and I was thrilled to see him FINALLY be World Champ, it also pissed me off that he got in trouble like that, and acted so nonchalant about it. It WAS a big deal, frankly, because I think that gave Vince the excuse he needed to flush ECW down the toilet. Up until then, they had been pushing the hell out of RVD, and the ECW brand in general. But…….oh well. I guess the consolation prize was, at least guys like Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu got their “Wrestlemania moment” before it was over.