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Sammartino Clarifies Reports on His Talk with HHH, Discusses Future with WWE

– It was reported earlier this week by The Wrestling Observer that Triple H had reached out to wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino, who has a troubled relationship with WWE and Vince McMahon, about being inducted into the 2013 Hall of Fame. Sammartino issued a statement later saying he was turning down WWE’s invitation for the Hall. The Observer followed up and said Sammartino wasn’t impressed by Triple H’s approach on the phone. Sammartino issued another statement saying those reports were not true. spoke with Sammartino this week about the reports. Sammartino discussed his talks with Triple H, his recent visit to Ring of Honor and more. Here are some highlights about his phone call with Triple H, thanks to Vinnie for passing along:

* Sammartino said Triple H was a gentleman, impressed him and they talked for a while. Triple H wanted to open communication because he was aware of the bad relationship between Vince and Bruno. Triple H figured Sammartino being inducted in the NY/NJ area would be good for the fans.

* Bruno mentioned that Triple H cited Madison Square Garden as a possible location for the ceremony.

* Bruno turned down the invite because he has issues with WWE and wouldn’t feel right going into the Hall. Sammartino said he appreciated everything Triple H and WWE offered but in good conscious, he could not do it. Bruno brought up WWE not having a physical building for their Hall of Fame and the fact that they have non-wrestlers inducted.

* Regarding a future relationship with WWE, Bruno said there is no interest and as long as Vince McMahon is in the company, he doesn’t think anything will happen between the two sides.

* Sammartino believes Triple H wants to do the right things for the business. Triple H told him that he respects the wrestling of yesteryear’s and was trying to move away from some of the more racier stuff we’ve seen.


  • rko

    Non-wrestlers inducted into HOF

    Good for you Bruno. Mike Tyson, Pete Rose and so on have no business in the WWE HOF. The only exception being Lauper because she did more for the WWE in the 80’s than any non-wrestler did.

  • 1919dpg

    it would be disrespectful of wwe to induct bruno when he passes. he simply doesn’t want to be inducted.

  • Will Henderson

    this is one of those times when someone says “over my dead body”. which means we will never see Bruno Sammartino get inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame while he’s alive, the only way he’s getting in the Hall is when he passes on. we don’t know how much longer that Bruno has to live. but we should accept it that he’s not going in the WWE Hall of Fame while Alive. he might get inducted 2 or 3 years after his death, posthumously

  • poko

    Did W-E somehow merge with twitter?

    I do respect Sammartino for doing what he feels is right, though. Wrestling has always been a business where the performers have to take what they’re given, and the WWE more than most, so it’s good to see someone take a stand.

  • Eddy

    good for Bruno finally some one who isnt bowing down and kissing the almighty VKM’s
    ring like 99.9% of former and current wrestlers just to get a check.
    # CTC. #CutTheCheck #StickToYourGuns

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    And when he fucked a dead chick.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    “Triple H told him that he respects the wrestling of yesteryear’s and was trying to move away from some of the more racier stuff we’ve seen.”
    I read that and the first thing I thought of was when Triple H had an orgasm and squirted mustard.