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Samoa Joe Responds to Austin, Update on Punk Crashing Comic-Con

– WWE acknowledged CM Punk crashing Comic-Con and confronting Triple H on their website today. They added that they had to receive permission to post footage on the website from WWE executives. If you’re still wondering, the entire thing was planned out by WWE and Punk was escorted in by handlers.

– As noted earlier this week, Steve Austin said on Twitter that WWE should sign Samoa Joe once his TNA contract ends. Austin called Joe one of his favorite workers today’s game and said he needs a full green light push. Joe responded on Twitter:

“@steveaustinBSR Much appreciated. *tips cap”

  • Spot Fest

    Yeah, in the Youtube video of Punk crashing Comic Con, it was obvious that he was being escorted in. They did their best to try to make it look like an on-the-fly-home-video.

  • Steve

    You’re right, “White mark”, he’d be jobbing to Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Sheamus and Kofi Kingston (if he’s lucky). But seriously, that’s assuming he ever got out of FCW. Don’t hate me because I’m being honest…. we all know how Vince and Co. would treat him.

  • grizz

    Samoa Joe is a clown that can’t wrestle, like Taz the only thing he can do is use his choke hold. I thought choking was illegal.

  • didnt mention Stephenie having Punk’s number, though.

  • White mark

    Joe would be better off in Wwe maybe. At least he wouldnt be jobbing to the likes of Gunner, Crimson team 3d

  • shawn

    VKM likes swagger in men (eww btw) so hed like joe.

  • arron

    samoa joe to help his cousin the rock win atr wrestlemsnia

  • d

    yeah i mean they should of had colt cabana film or escort punk to give it a more real feel but it was still epic punk has got to be the biggest thing in pro wrestling at the moment

  • CC

    “If you’re still wondering, the entire thing was planned out by WWE and Punk was escorted in by handlers.”

    Really? We never would have guessed that if you hadnt told us.

  • venom

    That’s a great compliment from Austin. Hope he can make that happen.