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Will Damien Sandow Successfully Cash In The MITB Briefcase?, “Total Divas”‘s Future

– WWE creative writers are considering giving “Mr. Money in the Bank” Damien Sandow a run with the World Heavyweight Championship in large part due to Rob Van Dam’s questionable future with the organization.

It has been reported that RVD has not agreed to a new contract with WWE. However, other organization sources claim he signed a deal where he continuously works three months and then takes three months off. Nonetheless, he is expected to disappear from WWE programming shortly after Sunday’s Battleground pay-per-view event.

The reason the belt may wind up in the arms of Sandow is because it would instantly lead to a feud with Del Rio and creative wants the Mexican wrestler to be continuously featured in a top program. Another idea batted around is Van Dam winning the strap from Del Rio, with Sandow immediately cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to claim the gold. However, some people in WWE feel this idea is unlikely to occur since it happened just two months ago at SummerSlam.

– E!’s Total Divas, which is currently on hiatus, will resume on November 17, 2013 with six additional episodes. Regarding the possibility of episodes beyond the next batch, many people within WWE expect the reality series to be renewed for a second season beginning shortly after WrestleMania XXX.


  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Because he’s bland and one dimensional as sh**, and nothing more than a carbon copy of a copy of a copy (Ted Dibiase senior’s “Million Dollar Man” > JBL > Alerto Del Rio ). His moveset isn’t bad granted, but his finisher is pretty bland (him having a new finisher is news to me). I’m not saying he needs to be “future endevoured” BUT if they want to have the next big latin star they’re going completely the wrong way about it, because he’s by no means a legit constant main eventer the way that he is now.


    How does Del Rio suck? His in ring skill is good, he has a ruthless mexican aristocrat type character and I like his new finisher hes been using as of late which is the kick to the side of the head, as for ziggler I agree he deserves a decent run with the world title but aye hes in a feud with the shield right now which I have absolutely no problem with at all, christians still out with a concussion and rvd is leaving for a few months so thats just what it is

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Del Rio as World Champion sucks, I get that they want to appeal to the international fans but he’s REALLY boring and him in the title scene having the same feuds has become stale and repetitive now…

    I say give RVD a run and put Christian & Ziggler at the fore front (lord knows why they seem to be taking a back seat again). RVD vs Christian or Ziggler = money

  • JohnCena33

    Del Rio has no character. He needs to stop contesting for the world title too.

  • Will Henderson

    translation, we aren’t sure about RVD but we are sure he may leave WWE and go to Japan, Mexico, ROH or the indys to make a pay day or just retire from pro wrestling all together.