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Santino Comments on Cody Rhodes, Linda McMahon’s New Ad, Smith at UFC

– Below is Linda McMahon’s first official campaign ad for her 2012 Senate bid, quite different from her early 2010 ads:

– WWE’s website featured a storyline interview with Santino Marella this weekend after making his return on last Monday’s RAW Supershow. Santino talked about going after the Intercontinental Title again:

“I don’t want to say that I’m going to steamroll the competition … but I’m going to steamroll the competition. I want to hopefully one day get the Intercontinental Title back because that was my favorite one ever. “[Cody Rhodes is] scared, because I beat him many years ago in competition and he’s always had a grudge to me. Hey, put your title on the line, pretty boy, and I can beat you. Your mask won’t protect you from the Cobra!”

– Former WWE Superstar David Hart Smith was at the UFC Fan Expo in Houston, Texas this weekend. Smith was at a sponsor booth to promote a new hand-grip exercise product.

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  • venom

    I hate Santino, but I didn’t enjoy his heel IC run in 2008.

  • KitKrock

    Linda McAndroid should die with triple H.

  • Who dat

    Fuck linda mcfanny. That bitch done droped 50 million of here OWN money and still lost. Gee I wonder why wrestling is PG no. Politically Governed. Thank linda for fucking up what we all love. Hope you blow another 100 million and still loose. Business women my ass. Your in the fucking entertainment business. Stick to what you know.

  • Jabjab

    Santino needs to be a he’ll cuz wwe is running low on good heels like orton McIntyre and primo

  • shawn

    uhg. even i know tv-pg is good business, even if their ticket sales are low. think they are going to chang the rating? people are going to pay for their kids’ seats and the kids are going to want some merchandise. some parents would probably ban wwe programing in their houses if wwe was violent and somewhat “carnal”.

  • CiB

    The sad thing, when you look at WWE midcarders, and those in a position to go to the main event, thanks to WWE Creative the only one who has enough crowd backing to be in the main event scene right now is Santino…

  • Yo

    Linda sucks. She made WWE PG.

  • Buttercastle

    Yeah but look at his success once he turned face. Not only did he get a big push but the fan love him no matter if it’s a house show or live. Plus with his new cobra puppet thingy I’m sure it will be a big seller.

  • The Fork on the left

    Santino Heel turn he actually has talent in the ring and can easily get heat from the crowd