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Santino Marella Interested In A World Title Run, Dolph Ziggler Loses To Tyson Kidd

– During an interview with WWE Magazine, Santino Marella revealed that even he though he previously said he was content with his standing in WWE, he now aspires to win a World Title.

“There are only four individual titles on the main roster of WWE, and to be one of four champions on a roster of many is pretty prestigious. I’ll continue to keep training and then hopefully one day will win the World Heavyweight Title or the WWE Championship,” Marella said. “The fans have always expressed their desire for me to enjoy success against the top guys. It was nice seeing them react to me at Elimination Chamber and to know that they still hope I do well.”

When asked which wrestlers backstage don’t understand his jokes, he revealed Cody Rhodes and The Miz.

“But that’s because they can’t laugh at themselves,” Marella said. “They’ll laugh at someone else, but when it comes to themselves—they take things way too seriously.”

– In the opening match of Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Sarnia, Ontario. Tyson Kidd picked up an upset victory over Dolph Ziggler The Canadian grappler noted of the experience via Twitter: “Sarnia definitely saw some firsts tonight! You had to be there to really experience it #WWESarnia.”


  • Buttercastle

    Who cares if he’s a comedic character? You guys make it seem like everyone who holds a belt needs to be super serious and jacked. It’s entertainment, Santino is entertaining. Just like how Zack Ryder is entertaining. It seems like the guys with the most interesting gimmicks never make it far, so they gotta turn heel and become pissed at the world until they reach the title picture.

    Santino is always the underdog in his matches, especially the Royal Rumble with him and Del Rio a while back. That was one of the most exciting matches for Santino fans. There’s always the thought of “he might actually win this” and usually it leads to a disappointing loss BUT still entertaining none the less.

  • @YouDeserve , well , I guess your Mother is talented too..

  • adam

    @newbie. They were totally different moves though. If you put your hand with or with out a puppet in another persons mouth and just pull that shit hurts. Santinos little finger poke of doom wouldnt. And yes he is actuall ya good wrestler its just his gimmik and finsher are a joke. So should he put a world champion no not with this gimmik. If he changes and is a more serious competitor then yes but as is right now i dont think so.

  • mtlhitman

    Wwe need to remove the current gimmick santino has it will follow him forever if they keep it for another 2 or 3 years he was intercontinental champ and us champ fans like him , he is a good wrestler and he need a tune up gimmick-wrestling gear and a heel turn this is the best way to change him off but this stupid new era pg make him be the clown he is he remind me of a jobber in the 90″ call salvator sincere italian dude acting stupid and losing often and heath slater as a mix of honkey tonk man and the brooklin brawler lol damn they are trying hard with those new gimmick but pg kill wwe pure entertainment we all want back the attitude era and ruthless agression era back in a new way new concept and way more wrestling match !

  • my First Thoughts when I read The Title ” Yeah , I have dreams in Dating EVE , that not gonna Happen Also” santino you’re Good ….but your character is a clown , If this Happened it will be same when David Arquette Won WHC

  • art

    I think if he got abit serious & had some comedy i dont see why not hes way more entertaining then half the prefer santino over john cena any day….

  • voice of reason

    at the start i wasnt a santino fan but i will say over the years he has actually gotten alot better i say whats wrong with santino getting a title shot hell he may even be a good champ.

  • Fred

    Santino is ten times better then Doink and Gillberg ever were.

  • newbie

    People want to complain about the cobra puppet, but what about Mr. Socko. You can’t say you don’t take Santino seriously because of a puppet when Foley was one of the most beloved Champs of all time.

  • xXx

    no.. No. NO. NO! NO!! NO!!! NO!!!!

  • Whatever

    With his current role and his current character you can’t take him seriously.
    You just can’t.
    And I don’t think he will change (nobody changes thanks to the pg shit, we all want cena to change, does it happen? no because of the kids who want his stuff…)
    as long as santino doesn’t change, it would be really stupid to give him a title like that.
    really stupid…

  • Hank Moody

    Hahaha. Ladies and gentleman, your future World Heavyweight Champion, a man who loses to Alex Riley to Tyson Kidd.

    He has MITB WHY, exactly? They have no faith in him, this is Jack Swagger all over again.

  • paul s

    Whoever thinks santino as he currently is with that stupid fucking cobra should hold a world title is a fucking idiot.

  • SYM

    The Fact that you all believe a Comedy Relief deserves the World Title is Funny to me. You would’ve never seen Doink the Clown or Gillberg as World Champ so why should a guy with a Damn “Cobra” sock puppet become Champ? Just because you have Wrestling skill doesn’t mean your Fit to wear the Title. If that was the case then Kaval would’ve been WWE Champion the Night after winning NXT 2.

  • The_electrifying_one

    What about having Santino be the last in the elimination chamber and the surprise winner. Only for Ziggler to cash in money in the bank and win the title. Everybody happy!

  • mtlhitman

    Tyson kid is a good wrestler but make him get a boost up against mid card wrestler Ziggler losing to him and facing santino make him drop the ladder right now as a pure contender at the wwe champ belt unless santino and tyson will change their character and gimmick and be use more often and more seriously

  • mtlhitman

    Santino is very talented he doesn’t pick is gimmick and character he is currently paying is dues and like to see him get bigger at the gym to fit in the main event and as a personal idea i like to see ric flair coming back in wwe as a 4 horseman manager and see barrett,cody rhode,ted dibiase and dolf ziggler as new horseman a 2 to 3 years run would make it interesting : barrett world champ , ziggler wwe champ , ted as us champ and cody as the intercontinental champ !

  • me

    yes, santino is a good wrestler, but nobody booked as a joke should be holding titles, make the guy a serious competitor, then sure.

    also why the hell is ziggler losing to kidd.

  • datruth

    Ignorant internet ppl don’t know that santino can actually wrestle ACTUALLY WRESTLE most pg kids don’t know that ignorant ppl smdh he just needs to be taken seriously like when he first debuted

  • Hasan

    Take your interests and shove it up your cobra’s ass!

  • YouDeserve

    Do you two people above not hear the crowds reaction to Santino? Like when he almost won the royal rumble and elimination chamber? Geez guy quit being so closed minded, Santino is entertaining and a good wrestler so get your heads out of your asses.

  • Jimbotron

    He already ruined the U.S. Title, might as well ruin the world titles too.

  • Whatever

    Well, if wwe is getting really really stupid he will get the title but I think it won’t happen…