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The Queen of Wrestling, Sara Del Rey, has revealed that ROH is hoping to launch a women’s division next year. Plus, the first ever SHIMMER Champion speaks about her “main focus and goal” which is to join WWE.

Speaking to us last night on our DD360 live radio show, Del Rey spoke about her recent trip wrestling in Australia, this weekend’s JoshiMania festivities, her status with Ring of Honor (Sara was surprised to find she’s no longer listed on the roster page at ROHwrestling.com) and her goal to join WWE.

Replay of the show, which also featured Impact Wrestling Knockout Brooke Tessmacher, can be caught here.

On her status with ROH: “I’d like to know as well! [Laughs] I have no idea. Once the Kings of Wrestling left, I understood I wasn’t going to be used for all the shows because mainly I was used in a managerial role. I knew that my presence would be limited in Ring of Honor. I think when I went to Japan a few months ago, I came back and I saw the new website and I was like, ‘Wow, that looks great!’ and then I went to the roster page and I was like, ‘Woah!’ It was just kind of a shock [to not see herself on there].”

On ROH looking to launch women’s division in 2012: “Right now, they’re really starting from scratch again just re-establishing the brand and the product with Sinclair. I’ve talked to them recently and they have hopes to start the women’s division up, hopefully next year sometime, and they definitely want to include me.”

Wanting to join WWE: “I haven’t been shy about saying that’s my next career goal [joining WWE]. I’ve been doing this nearly 11 years now and I just feel like that would be a very new, interesting challenge for me to be there. I’d love to be there and be a part of it. I think it’s awesome that the fans want to see it too. With the way storylines are going in WWE right now for the women, I think it’d be great. I’d fit in well with what’s going on now.”

“That’s my main focus and goal right now — just to get a shot [at WWE]. I’ve never done it. I don’t think I’ll be wrestling the rest of my life, so I’d like to do it before my wrestling career is over, so that’s my main my focus for the rest of 2011 and 2012.”

  • Matt

    @## Sara’s not hot? Are you serious, bro?

    @PLW Jillian didn’t have the Diva look? She had the biggest freakin’ tits in WWE history. And, agreeing with Albert, Torrie’s and Victoria’s are def fake.

  • Albert


    LOL are you for real? you think that Victoria and Torrie Wilson have not gotten a boob job DAMN buddy where have you been!

  • PLW


    During her ECW days til’ now, Kelly definitely has had some “enhancement” since then…

    Non-enhance Divas:
    Stacy Keibler
    Molly Holly
    Alicia Fox
    Torrie Wilson
    Bella Twins
    AJ Lee

    (a few more but i don’t feel like typing them)

    But its a sad truth, if you don’t have the typical DIVA look, you won’t last long or get stuck as a jobber with actual wrestling skills… JILLIAN HALL FOR EXAMPLE!

  • Darren

    ## Not true bout the boob job Pretty sure the Belleas didnt have one Neithe did McCool wen she was hired or Maria. Dnt think Kelly Kelly has one either but not sure

  • ##

    Great wrestler who should have a limo at her front door waiting to take her to meet Vince to sign her contract. Would be a great heel but what stops her she’s not that good looking and about $10-$25 grand boob job. Sad but probably true.

  • poko

    She is definitely better than anyone in the WWE at the moment. Like, much, much better. But who would she fight? Right now, the WWE doesn’t even need skilled female performers, because so many of those they push can’t really do anything but hit a few planned spots in a 2 minute match.

    Kharma would be a great possibility, as they’ve fought in the past, but who knows when she’ll come back, or if she’ll get another push. The reality is that you can throw a stick at SHIMMER and hit excellent wrestlers who far outclass WWE Divas, but the WWE does not seem to be interested in that.

    The ROH women’s division is interesting, and I bet they’d have the best female talent, but I wonder if that would put an end to their working partnership with SHIMMER.

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