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Sarita Resumes Competing Without Mask, Skepticism Over Facial Paralysis Claim

Sarita has resumed competing without a protective mask after announcing two months ago that she was stricken with facial paralysis.

The TNA Knockout competed sans mask at last Sunday’s Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre event in Guadalajara, Mexico; she physically appeared the same as she did before the health scare.

TNA’s storyline explanation for the Mexican America star suddenly donning a protective mask on the July 14 episode of IMPACT Wrestling was that she had broken her orbital bone and jaw during a parking lot brawl with Miss Tessmacher and Tara.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Lucha” Steve Sims, who has extensively covered lucha libre for several years, and Figure Four Weekly editor Bryan Alvarez, both stated on recent episodes of the Figure Four Daily podcast that they were very skeptical over her claim of facial paralysis since she continued to wrestle in spite of her debilitating condition.

  • first of i don’t i don’t understand why there making such a big deal over nothing . I myself have had facial paralysis since i was four years old just because half your face is paralized should not effect your wrestling ability

  • StudDog

    cc: Shut up al qaeda lover.

  • adam

    It had nothing to do with alleged facial parlysis or a fake broken orbital bone. THey did it to kind of make fun of what wwe is doing with cody rhodes always wearing his stupid mask because his broken nose which should of been heeled by now but he keeps wearing it.

  • CC

    @Trixie. The mask wouldnt be for protection, just to cover her face up as facial paralysis is not something most women would want to be seen with. Someone I know had a version of it (bells palsy) and she refused to go out while she had it, as she didnt want people to see what her face looked like.

  • JIR

    Or maybe it was a health scare and Doctors told her to wear one just for precaution and TNA ran with it

  • venom

    Why couldn’t have TNA just be honest to why she wore the mask? They didn’t need a storyline out of it.

  • @al learn to spell this is the comments section of wrestling-edge not your facebook wall!

  • Trixie

    Is it just me or is the excuse TNA made up completely retarded. I mean, if she did have any sort of facial bone fracture… how the fuck could she still wrestle?

    Another question… How could wearing that stupid mask help facial paralysis? What would a mask even do as a help for that? I mean, if she does have facial paralysis, ok, but why does she have to don a mask? Can’t she just… have facial paralysis?

  • al

    y be skeptical?

    she had to drop the tag titles becuz of that. eventho the belts dont mean much

  • poko

    Why would they be skeptical? Do you need working facial muscles to pull off a dropkick? As long as the doctors determined that wrestling would presented no short-term or long-term risks, then there is no reason why she wouldn’t continue to work.

  • Raziel

    but then what would be the point of wrestling in the mask if they didn’t try to market it though.