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Sarita Sidelined Following Scary Fall In Mexico, Jeremy Buck Takes Shot At TNA

— Sarita suffered bruised ribs after taking a scary fall during a two out of three falls tag team match at Arena Mexico on November 22, 2011. She will be unable to compete for a few weeks as a result of the injury.

Sarita, who appears as Dark Angel for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, slipped on the top rope while attempting to dive and fell flat on her face onto the wooden floor. She was placed on a stretcher while the match continued and immediately hospitalized. The TNA Knockout has not competed since the incident.

— Former TNA Wrestling talent Nick Massie (a/k/a Jeremy Buck) knocked his former employer online while watching last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

He wrote on Facebook, “I watched TNA last night…. I guess God only knows why and wow. The tag division consist of only 3 teams now or what? We got out at the right time for sure.”

Nick and brother Matt (a/k/a Max Buck) parted ways with TNA Wrestling in July after requesting their release. The brother duo revealed in subsequent interviews that the request stemmed from monetary issues, while also venting their frustrations with TNA’s booking.

  • scooter

    TNA arenĀ“t “on fire” there decent at the moment which is one million times better than where they were at
    whilst ROH is still home of no selling and bad promo skills!

  • MJ

    TNA is on fire? Dont they still have Immortal: a faction no one cares about, The pope and d-von feud, the robbie E vs eric young? Thats what makes a great show? The fact is the tag team divsion was one of the companys draws to get fans pumped up to tune in. It was like the x divsion during 2004, Beer money vs MCMG’s blow the roof off the place and now we have crimson and morgan, mexican america, d-von and the pope, And Inc Ink, They have the british invasion but they are inactive. Hell TNA really did great things for the tag team divison untill it went back to just a boring dision that use to mean something. TNA fucks up alot! ROH has been alive and well since 2002 the same year TNA was born so when i look at ROH now it has some work to do but TNA can have something that might be hot at the moment but in the end they’ll fuck it up!

  • Jason

    Yes because the TNA tag division is what makes a great show. lol. TNA Impact is on fire right now. Good luck in ROH which will be out of business by this time next year after the investers for the network see how much money they are losing in producing a no draw show.

  • Bill

    What keeps happening to Sarita? Hasn’t she had a few other severe injuries this past year? I don’t follow TNA much, so I don’t know. But I do know that she’s probably more talented then 90% of the WWE divas.

  • MJ

    wwe is developing tag teams as of late.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    But that can’t be right. He must have his facts wrong, the TNA skidmarks always claim TNA has a better Tag Division than WWE.

  • MJ

    Damn! Jeremy is soooo right! MCMG’s, beer money, gen v, are all gone. Even the british invasion is missing due to poor tna management.

  • Tyler(:

    Wrestling in a better place than TNA.


  • PinkSinCara

    And what are they doing now?