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Sasha Banks Provides Back Injury Update, Has a Message for Bayley

As part of last night’s Raw pre-show, former WWE Women’s Championship gave an update on her back injury, which recently was made part of a storyline in her match with Charlotte at SummerSlam:

“I’m doing okay. To be honest with you, I suffered a back injury during that match against Charlotte. I’m okay. I mean, I’m actually really upset that I lost my championship, that was my life. To be honest with you, that whole match was a blur. I mean, I knew Charlotte was a coward, that’s why she always needed her little daddy or her little friend Dana Brooke, but I didn’t think she would go as low as to try to end my career, to try to injure me. That’s how low she went. I just knew that I was in danger in that match and my back just gave out. I mean, in this business injuries happen. I’m fortunate enough I don’t have to get back surgery and I don’t have to be out as long as Finn Balor and I’m just working as hard as I can to get back in that ring and to get my championship back. … All I want to do is get back in that ring and reclaim what is mine and become a two-time WWE women’s champion. Charlotte doesn’t deserve it.”

The Boss also spoke about her friend Bayley debuting on the main roster, but made it clear she won’t be stopped in her pursuit for the Women’s Championship when she returns:

“I mean, I got to sit back at home and I watched that and I just thought to myself ‘I wish I was there, I wish I could see that live.’ But I’m so happy for her. I saw her come out, I saw her stare at that championship. She needs to realize that there’s a ticket and you need to get in the back of the line and I’m going to get what’s mine first. But I’m more than happy for her, she is amazing, it’s been a long time coming, and she deserves it.”