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Saturday Morning Slam Debuts Today, WWE Confirms Match Rule

– WWE will debut their Saturday Morning Slam show on the CW Network this morning at 10am EST. The first match will see Heath Slater take on Kofi Kingston with Josh Mathews and Santino Marella on commentary.

We noted before that WWE isn’t showing any moves to the neck or head on Saturday Morning Slam. This was confirmed in the official cable preview that WWE has sent out:

“Tag team champion Kofi Kingston is in action in the premiere of this pro-wrestling series intended for children. WWE stars are profiled and community initiatives are highlighted, while featured matches bar any moves or holds aimed at the neck.”

  • Rocky sucks

    Raw and smackdown should be at least pg13 because it airs at night when children are usually asleep or trying to go to sleep and have superstars and saturday slam PG it only makes sense folks

  • Tony A.

    “…while featured matches bar any moves or holds aimed at the neck.”

    That’s stupid.. Isn’t all WWE programming for the kids?? What about all the little Jimmies who watch RAW and SD?

  • greenbeans

    For once yofits is right

  • Stevie P

    For a kids show, it wasn’t bad. It had a decently long basic match of give and take. Kofi and Heath did pretty well for what they could do. I’d recommend it for kids. Again, this show is for like 5 or 6 year olds. It’s not aimed for 40 year old virgins who live in their mom and dad’s basement.

  • W.cares

    Right its aimed at kids so people need to stop burying it already.
    Think about it. If the younger fans are being given a separate show to be entertained with, which contains more child friendly superstars, then it gives RAW/Smackdown more time to focus on longer, more interesting matches/story lines. (Hopefully)

    If the “Attitude” fanboys aren’t happy with that arrangement then they should probably watch the Saturday show until they grow up a bit!

    And Davey Zoo you make a good point. R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, The Miz to name a few do have neck/head orientated finishers so im intrigued as to how the do it with out having roll-ups all the time. But you forgot about Kofi’s SOS finisher, the Rough Rider would probably be tweaked so that the leg connects with the chest/shoulder area rather then be a lariat and Orton/CM Punk/Cena probably wont be on that show just yet.

  • The_electrifying_one

    hmmm well it maybe aimed for the kids but next to nobody will have a finisher. Maybe Santino will turn the cobra into like a finger point of doom! and cobra someones chest? that would suck!

    Not to mention only shitty super Cena could really keep his finisher oh and maybe Brodus Clay

  • The Showoff

    OMG somebody else finally noticed Kofi has weird man tits haha

  • Best In The World

    Worst Show EVER

  • Stevie P

    It’s geared for kids, so I don’t mind. I’ll watch it and see how it looks out of curiosity.

  • yofits

    Coffee Kingston’s chest is weird.
    His nipples are wayy to far apart.

  • Davey Zoo

    Kofi’s finisher is a kick to the head and there are a lot of others the same like the RKO, GTS, STFU, Rough Rider etc etc. So there will be a lot of rollup wins.