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Scammers Take Kurt Angle’s Mother for $4,000, Angle Reacts

– According to TMZ, Kurt Angle is looking for a scammer from the Dominican Republic who got his mother for $4,000.

The scammer claimed that her grandson was in a local jail and demanded $4,000 or threatened “severe consequences.” She sent the first $4,000 and then was asked for another $4,000. That’s when she called Kurt.

“I’m gonna find the son of a b—h who did this to my mom,” said Kurt. “I don’t want this happening to anyone else!”

Mrs. Angle’s grandson is fine and hasn’t even been to the Dominican Republic in a while. Kurt believes that there is an accomplice working for the scammer in the Pittsburgh area since they knew about his family and his mother’s unlisted phone number.

  • RPM

    wait let me get this straight, she heard her Grandson was in jail but didn’t call his father but instead was happy to part with an initial $4000?

    Seems kind of stupid..

  • Whocares

    I would love it if Kurt went on a rampage and started tracking down scammers and breaking their ankles. Tna original motion picture idea?

  • 1919dpg

    isn’t her grandson 8?

  • Hofgen

    If only there was some sort of federally organized bureau that was created for the sole purpose of investigating crimes that could help in this situation, if only.