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Scott Hall Arrested For Domestic Battery, Girlfriend Says He Was “Drunk For Days”

Scott Hall was arrested last Friday in Florida following a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend, reports

According to an arrest report obtained by the website, Hall allegedly choked out his girlfriend in a drunken fit of rage. Hall’s girlfriend Lisa Howell says he had been drinking “for days” when they got into an argument Friday evening.

Howell says she got into her car to drive away from the residence, and in a blind rage, Hall grabbed her by the throat and tried to pull her out of the driver’s seat. When confronted by police, Hall appeared heavily intoxicated with an “unknown white secretion flowing from both sides of his mouth.” He denied getting violent.

Police observed several signs of physical injury on Howell, including red marks around her neck, so Hall was placed under arrest for domestic battery. His arrest required two sets of handcuffs due to his large stature.

Hall could not be immediately booked in jail because he was too intoxicated. He was taken to a nearby hospital to receive medical clearance before he was booked in Seminole County’s John E. Polk Correctional Facility.

Howell has refused to press charges against Hall. TMZ says it’s unclear if the case will move forward in court.

  • voice of reason

    maybe the female got what she deserved excuse me, no woman deserves to beaten up by a drunk.

  • Jay

    Honestly Scott Hall has given enough chances to better himself but he continues to goes down this dark path. I’m sorry to say but he is a lost cause.

  • Houndy

    Thumbs down to ‘I feel sorry for him’ and ‘I hope he gets help because hewas a great wrestler blah blah blah’.

    I’ve seen first hand the scars left behind as a result of abusive relationships and I’m sure I’m not the only one here who has. They are painful and long lasting.

    Hall seems to dive back into the bottle with reckless abondon. The revolving door of rehab needs to be quickly replaced with a cell door. End o story Chico.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Awful to hear about that. It’s pretty much inevitable that there’s going to be a very tragic ending for Scott Hall, I hope he doesn’t hurt any more people, and he’ll always have his place in wrestling.

  • voice of reason

    maybe just maybe a year in a jail is what scott needs, it is sad to see such a great wrestler end uplike this.

    but i would have to say scotts demons are just too powerful for him.

  • Satan

    Scott Hall is a piece of shit whats new?

  • sdd619

    Scott Hall will be dead with in 2 years. Sadly i don’t want this to happen, but its where it is going.

  • Logan

    I know he’s known as “The Bad Guy”, but you never hurt a female. Sad to see a guy that was one of the best in the biz resulted to this.

  • Andrew

    It sucks to see Scott like this. At this point though he can’t be helped (wwe has spent in the amount of 6 figures putting him in rehab). Scott Hall has to help Scott Hall at this point.

  • Moo

    No good son of a bitch.

  • Jimbo

    Alcohol just has too firm of a grip on his life. Let this be a lesson to anyone as to what can happen. Deep down, Scott Hall is a good man.

  • rich

    @1919dpg being intoxicated is no excuse for hitting a woman. It disappoints me to hear about what’s becoming of Scott Hall. He use to have so much going for him.

  • 1919dpg

    @xxfindleyxx it’s not like he hit her because he’s a ”bad guy” no pun intended. he was intoxicated and wasn’t fully conscious of his actions.

  • 1919dpg

    people should stop saying he needs help.. all the help in the world won’t help him unless he wants to quit drinking and whatever else he’s doing.

    for example the guitarist slash was sent to rehab numerous times and continued drinking and doing heroin until 1 day he said fuck this and got off cold turkey.. he doesn’t even smoke anymore either. it’s all about will power.

  • Little Jimmy

    Halls one guy who saddens me, I just hope to god theres a turning point for him.

  • JK

    What does “unknown white secretion flowing from both sides of his mouth” indicate? Is that from the alcohol consumption or is it from drugs? Poor Scott has battled demons forever……hope he can get it together as he’s had multiple chances 🙁

  • John

    I don’t understand how someone could be “drunk for days”. I mean I’d get bored with being intoxicated and want to do something constructive. If his girlfriend really wants to help him then she should press charges. Maybe a little stint in jail will sober him up.

  • RothKeahi

    It is a shame to see that he has fallen so low again. For a while there it looked like he was gonna pull out of the slump. I hope he can get some help and I hope that it really sticks this time.

  • Retro

    He choked his girl and you say “get well soon?” lol.
    Fuck Scott Hall, dudes a few seconds away from being the next Benoit.

  • It saddens me to read this I was a huge scott hall/razor ramon fan growing up I hope scott can get the help he needs and I hope scotts loved ones will never give up on him get well scott

  • Stumpy

    “Howell has refused to press charges against Hall.”

    And that, boys and girls, is the reason that jackasses like Hall keep getting away with beating the hell out or their girlfriends/wives. He’s a loser and will always be a loser. How many times will people keep bailing his sorry ass out before someone lets him rot in jail or he dies from an overdose/weekend bender?

  • shawn

    get hypnotic treatment to get well Scott Hall. if that works.

  • Deva

    Scott Hall has been in rehabs so many times and just keeps lapsing, the guy is now foaming at the mouth in rage!, When I saw that espn story on him, he is so messed up phyically from alcohol and drugs that he can barley walk, but yet keeps drinking, He needs help

  • Mark

    he is just never going to learn

  • Best In The World

    Get Well Scott Hall