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Scott Hall Enters WWE-Sponsored Rehab, HHH Featured on UK Sports Show

– Lee sent word that Triple H’s three-minute and thirty second entrance at WrestleMania 22 was featured this weekend on a UK sports comedy show called A League of Their Own.

– While Scott Hall had been scheduled to enter WWE-sponsored rehab after the recent ESPN E:60 special, word is that Hall had some things to take care of before going and finally went in this weekend.

Friends of Hall note that he’s still been drinking heavily as of late.

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  • venom

    Wow, again? This is so sad. At least 2011 is almost over and I thought he would have died by now. I hope he gets through this.

  • Second City Saint

    Get well scott your a true legend you can fight through this mess

  • ironcross

    Man this guy is having trouble, How many times this year has he been in rehab?

  • voice of reason

    i need a new keyboard what i meant to say was “geez 3 minutes for an entrance i could get up to make a coffee & hunter would still be making his way to the ring”

  • voice of reason

    geez 3 minutes for an entrance i could get up make a coffee & hunter would still e ming his way to the ring.

    as for scott i’d say lay off the booze with the cocktail of meds his having the combination of alcohol & medication is a nasty mix.

  • BlaH

    damn and u thought Takers entrance was long.