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Scott Hall Reacts To TNA’s Lackluster Pay-Per-View Attendance – “A Sad State Of Affairs”

TNA Wrestling held its premiere event, Bound For Glory, this past Sunday in San Diego, California, and was unable to fill a good portion of the 12,000 seat Viejas Arena. To combat this startling lack of attendance, some fans were guided to seats in the lower bowl and moved near the hard camera in order for the venue to appear full during the pay-per-view broadcast. Scott Hall, who appeared for the organization as recently as 2010, weighed in on the lackluster turnout with the following message on Twitter.

Despite the company’s ills, he feels that former New World Order cohorts Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are not to blame. In response to a fan saying it’s their fault, Hall wrote, “The history is that [Bischoff] and Hulk left alone, draw money. They never had the control needed to pop that company in my opinion..”

In response to whether WWE head Vince McMahon will ultimately buy the company out, Hall wrote, “Nothing to buy….” In his opinion, that includes talent. Hall wrote to a fan, “Name three people WWE would want…”

Hall added that he he has no interest in returning to the company.

  • Scooter

    They are but Magnus has a far more WWE friendly look.

  • Fang McFrost

    Vince would buy it for the Video library. 10 years of weekly TV/PPV… including Hulk, Sting, Angle, Flair, Hardy, Foley, Booker T, Nash.

  • Greg

    The only ones who stand a chance of being hired is jeff hardy and sting. Sting bc hes the only one from that era who never went to wwe and jeff hardy bc he is talented and more importantly to wwe homegrown. Wwe usually only likes to push talent that they themselves made they don’t like hiring guys who alrede have a following. I dont deny there are aome very talented wrestlers in tna and id love to see joe vs punk in wwe but it will probably never happen.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Jeff Hardy would be the only one worth taking back. And that would just be on an RVD level. Cool to see him but is he really bringing a ton to the show?

  • CC

    Magnus? really? granted I havent watched in a while, but the only matches I have seen of him in the past have been pretty naff. There are certainly better performers than him in the company. AJ may be boring as fuck, but in the ring he is worth his weight in gold. Joe has lost some of his shine, but can still go. And what about Sabin, Daniels, Aries, Kazarian and Spud?
    All far better than Magnus.

  • Scooter

    Bobby Roode, Magnus, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy

    But honestly, those 4 alone aren’t worth buying a whole company for.

  • CC

    When left alone Hogan and Bischoff draw money? Yeah WCW was beating WWF for a few years, but then ego stepped in and Bischoff took that company straight down the drain. So history tells us that Bischoff always needs to be monitored by the hand that pays the bills. If Turner had not been so disinterested in wrestling and controlled Bischoff, who knows where the wrestling industry would have been today. We might have still had two strong companies, or one with a different name.

  • CookEmonster

    Bobby Roode

  • Sean Kaboni

    stings last real chance at a decent pay check is in wwe. I cant name two more.