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Scott Hall Talks About Athletes Using Steroids, Wanting to Work for WWE In the Future, More

– Scott Hall recently spoke with Slam Wrestling to promote Border City Wrestling’s 20th anniversary show in Windsor, Ontario this weekend. Here are some highlights from the lengthy interview:

Upcoming Wolfpac plans and his son Cody:
“I’ve got some dates coming up in Europe in November with Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman — doing a WolfPac signing and a question and answer (session). I think we’re doing Glasgow, Manchester, and London. Then we’re looking at some things in Japan. Now that Cody’s breaking into the wrestling business — he’s had 20 or so matches so far — we’re looking at some international bookings to get him seasoned and ready for anything that may happen for him in the U.S.”

His thoughts on steroids:
“If you’re going to try to be a pro athlete, why not use everything available to you? I’m not trying to get too involved in (the discussion), but I don’t have a problem with pro athletes being on steroids. You read about all of these baseball players getting in trouble, but I think there are a lot more important things going on in the world today than whether pro athletes use steroids to perform good. I’m not a big baseball fan, but I remember back when all those guys were hitting home runs all the time, and it was just more fun to watch. I don’t think people are getting hurt, I don’t think these guys were breaking into peoples’ houses or robbing old ladies’ purses to get the money to run out and buy steroids. When I went to WWF — it was still WWF at the time — when I was there as Razor Ramon, it was when the steroids scandal was in full swing. They were testing, and I was fully compliant with the drug policy. I went off steroids like everybody else did. And we all got smaller, but the playing field remained level. Big guys were still big, and the little guys were still little. But the reality is, when you’re on the road so many days, I don’t see how a little bit of steroids can really hurt anything. There are a lot of things that people could do that are a lot worse. That was just the time. That was then, and now is now. I’m living my life a lot differently now. And I’m happy to hear that the young cats now are not making bad choices — that’s encouraging.”

Working for WWE again:
“It would be a dream come true for me but I want to clarify, it’s not up to me. If it were up to me, then I would love to have the Bobby Heenan job. I was always a big fan of Bobby Heenan. I would love to wear the headphones and a tacky sports coat, and be the heel commentator who just managed a select couple of guys. Bobby used to put down the headphones and head to the ring to manage Mr. Perfect and then Ric Flair. In my own fantasy world, created solely by me, I would love to be the Bobby Heenan broadcaster and then walk to the ring with Cody and maybe manage a sweet tag team and maybe one Diva. That would be my stable, and I’d be fine with that.”

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Wow! someones bitter. Scott’s in his own personal hell, and yes I will justify my words with his actions, He could hardly move, if it weren’t for DDP and the accountabilty crib, Where would Scott be? 6 feet under or prison or worse, we all heard the stories, but I guess Douchebags with a hard on for the Bad Guy can’t see past that

  • The Outsider

    I agree with you to some extent but making fun of the names that gave a new face to the world of professional wrestling and specifically considering them pieces of crap.. Well i think douchebags like you are one of those pathetic losers who brought wrestling to now a days jerk storylines and most importantly saying that they were trash .. they played their innings where the big guys use to play you stupid piece of trash ..

  • Elvis Dolinski

    I would agree he is a legend in his own, I know the way I came off. I was bitter but with good reason, he could of been more, I thought he was the coolest wrestler behind Nash(in my teens) but watching videos from other wrestlers talking about the Kliq, and even meeting ex wrestlers in bars(live in ATL) his name always came up and what a piece of crap he was. He killed the love I had for the NWO, the wrestler(Scott Hall) and was happy to see him for what he really was. Still bitter nonetheless

  • the v

    Its obvious that guy has had serious personal problems, but perhaps you should thinkhe may of had multiple chances yes but maybe those chances were crap and after all this time his real chance has finally come. I dont know him personallg but as a performer the man is a legend.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Nobody would do that to Stephen Hawking, Scott Halls a piece of shit, pissed away his life, not saying alcoholism isn’t real, it is, but that dude had multiple chances to get his act together when he was sorta in shape, now just an empty shell of a man he used to be, but watching that 30 for 30 and of course watching the NWO videos online, I can’t feel sorry for the guy, also in the interview he thinks its OK for people to use steroids for baseball etc. I live in Georgia and of course old wrestlers live here and they never have anything good to say about Scott, Kevin, especially Hulk

  • Tay

    So your wishing a fully blown alcoholic to keep drinking?

    Well aren’t you the most compassionate human on the ball of rock!

    Why don’t you walk up to to Stephen hawking and rip him for not being able to walk whilst you are on a roll!.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    or you could just stay home, do yoga, and just sign autographs like all the piece of crap blood sucking leaches that is the NWO, nobody like you, Nash, or Hogan, just wish he kept with the drinking. Him and Angle could hang out see who drives better when they are drunk match.