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Scott Hall Update, Report on HHH’s Involvement in Ty Bailey’s WWE Departure

– As noted before, WWE executive Ty Bailey, who worked under John Laurinaitis, was let go from the company on March 9th. Bailey was originally the person Laurinaitis put in charge of WWE developmental. When Triple H took over developmental months ago, Bailey began reporting to him directly.

Triple H’s developmental changes have been in the works for some time and Bailey’s departure is seen as Triple H’s first major move.

– Scott Hall was released from WWE-sponsored rehab on March 6th. Hall visited the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando on March 7th with his son Cody, who is training to be a pro wrestler. Hall was said to be doing well.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • voice of reason

    man i would love to see a clean & sober hall i say bring back the bad guy as a manager for a heel tag team.

  • the_electrifying_one

    I hope Hall does well and I hope he manages to sort all his personal demons out.

  • Bill

    I know they’re old, but I’d love to see The Outsiders return!

  • stockshark28

    The Hall of Fame has no real value just look who is in it and who isnt!!
    Koko Beware yes – Macho Man no. Bob Ucker yes – The Fabulous Freebirds no. Sunny yes – Elizabeth no. Has no real meaning!!

  • D2K

    They should induct Hall into the WWE HOF right now while his mind is clear and he is sober. No better time.

  • HHH=Goat

    ….HHH = Goat….

  • AttitudePl0x

    Say Hello again to the Bad Guy~