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Scott Steiner Blasts Hulk Hogan Over Deeming Bobby Roode “Not Ready”

Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling two weeks ago, has continued to fire off messages on Twitter trashing his former employer’s brain trust. In a series of messages posted Wednesday evening, “Big Poppa Pump” blasts Hogan for deeming Bobby Roode “not ready” in a radio interview days before his heavily promoted World Heavyweight Championship match against Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory.

“Nah, he’s not ready. He’s not the next guy,” Hogan said of Roode to Busted Open in October. “Ya’ know, they might think he is. Dixie Carter might think he is. The whole world might think he is. He’s not the next guy. If I had to bet money on anybody and really be serious about betting money on anybody, I’d say Jeff Hardy is the next guy if he keeps his act together. Um, that’s what you gotta to have, man. This is much more than being a wrestler, this is crossing barriers, medias, ya’ know media barriers, and, and entertainment barriers of all kind. Getting your character down verbally has 90% to do with getting over.”

Steiner says Roode was infuriated by Hogan’s remarks and planned to call out him out in a radio interview. Prichard, however, begged Roode not to and he ultimately kept quiet.

Steiner also slams for TNA for nonsensical storylines and compares the promotion to World Championship Wrestling. He wrote:

When i look at hogan i see the same thing as the nielson ratings system does …….low fuckn ratings

Hogan also attackd Bobby Roode on the radio b4 he was going to wrestle Kurt Angle

In Philli on ppv sayn Roode wasnt ready,Ive wrestled Bobby a bunch of times n he wrestles hard every nite n he can go

He can talk,wrestle and looks good,and hes proving that hogan doesnt know shit(except that garrett is the future)..WTF

At the ppv he was pissd n went up to Pritchard and told him he was going on the radio and calling hogan out

And Pritchard beggd him not to,so i see him n he tells me what happend,I told him thats whats hogan does,

In WCW hogan put his thumb on evrybody,deciding who wins in every match bcuz he has creative control in his contract

Hogan shows up and changes the outcome of his match,Bobby was going to kill him but he kept his cool

Every tv every ppv the place is zoo a circus bcuz these assholes change things every hour,the storylines are stupid and dont make sense

And when u ask questions they cant give u a reason why they want u to do something that doesnt make sense

And since hogan bitchoff n pritchard brought the chaos the circus to Tna they also brought their own clown,midget

Which is Jason Hervey,(yep that one)the insignicant bro in wonder years this 5’5″ midget walks around

Fn crazy,why is he there hes business partners with bitchoff just like hogan n bitchoff are business partners

Now do u know why Tna is the titanic and is sinking fast…..Need to save TNA

They are doin the same stupid bullshit that they did in WCW..except now instead of pushing Flairs son David

To the point where he beat Chris Benoit,he is now pushing his own son,where is David Flair today

Ive seen all this shit b4,Remember he made David Arquette champion,Fuck!!Ted Turner ownd WCW and they ran it into the ground

And he was a multi multi BILLIONAIRE

We were all in the back sayin WTF are we in the twilight zone ….fn crazy

That same wkend he was suppose to go on ESPN and promote the ppv,so he is on the show

And the host ask him whats his most embarassing monent in the ring..remember hes there to promote the ppv

He says wrestling Andre and he shits himself…the host asks him a couple more questions

Which i dont remember bcuz im on the floor belly laughing..then the host thanks him for bn on the show

And he says “Be COOL EAT FRUIT…thats right BE COOL EAT FRUIT…WTF way to promote the ppv DUMBASS

  • Jason

    Okay Ant, I’ll name a few

    The 10.10.10 storyline was great and was built up near perfect. A good 8 month build to a story is rare in todays market of wrestling.

    The Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett feud was also great and not since the Edge vs. Hardy feud that WWE dropped the ball on have I felt so into a story being told in a ring.

    The road to Lockdown 2012 that started two weeks after B4G 2011 via Roode vs. Storm angle. Great old school storytelling and I find it a shame that so many of you refuse to give another product a chance because of it not having the WWE logo on it. Talk about being sheep

  • dave

    would love to see angry steiner typing this on his phone with his huge thumbs

  • Nicholas

    @ Narf I am nothing like Jason. I don’t even bother debuting with him because what is the point. I just state what I am thinking Jason has nothing to do with it.

  • 1919dpg

    ROFL XD! way to go hulk. so to promote bfg he talks bout how the main event sucks, a coked out hardy is the future, how he shit himself and reminds us to eat fruit BROTHER!

    how is he still under contract. he was probably also dying to promote hsi midget championship wrestling.

  • Ant

    i wanna know what tna storylines have been great besides the main event mafia storyline i dare someone to name a couple

  • sepulz

    Back when they got their start on Fox Sports Network I really enjoyed their programs. I even like it when they first got on spike. Then I fell out of love with wrestling for a few years. I stopped watching both WWE and TNA. Just this past summer I started again. I tried to watch TNA and it was such GARBAGE! I couldn’t follow the storylines to save my life! I’m not a WWE mark I swear. I want TNA to succeed very badly. The storylines in WWE aren’t that great sometimes but atleast they make sense! Whatever is going on there needs to change before I watch them again.

    P.S. Jason….you’re a clown just stop talking nobody likes you and nobody believes anything you say.

  • TS93

    Jason = jason hervey. Thats why he’s so bitter.

  • Jon

    Hogan will never be like or have a match like the legendary Undertaker. Hogan got destroy by Taker twice…twice. Taker in his age still brings new moves than Hogan. And Taker doesn’t take over a company than Hogan.

    Moral is Taker greater than Hogan.

  • bloodstone

    Jason you crack me up in one comment you say one thing in the next you say something way Different on the same matter .and i would love to see you tell scott face to face to fuck off he would smash you like a bug Bischoff had no real power in WCW at that time hell the last time he ran WCW even with AOL suits running the show was back in March of 1999./People can say Bischoff and Hogan killed WCW all they want but the truth is the only time WCW was successful was under Bischoff. make up your mind

  • Little Jimmy

    Scott Steiner Is Wrestling’s answer to Perez Hilton!

  • Jay

    Jason, I have no problem with you praising TNA creative and I’ll even give you that Hogan knows how to work a crowd. What I won’t give you is that the old man can teach people much anymore because the say your prayers and eat your vitamins style character will only work for Hogan because of his appeal to fans. Today people need to know how to work a real match and have believable characters, and sorry that doesn’t involve “Hulking Up”. And no Hogan can’t teach them that with his 5 moves of doom(punch, clothsline, big boot, leg drop, and hulk up).

    And if the booking was so masterfully done where is Petey Williams since the crowd will mark out for him just because of the Canadian Destroyer. I know he and Aries could put on a great rivalry, especially since I remember Austin wrestling as a nobody in Green Bay, WI for ACW. I don’t mind what TNA is doing with their booking but there is defiantely a lot of room for improvement. And Bishoff does know how to produce a show but he was at his best when someone wrote the script, the guy has never been a known booker. That’s why WCW saw Flair, Hogan, and even Kevin Nash writting the storylines.

    That’s my take

  • Logan

    Wow Scott Steiner makes…sense.

  • Jason

    Hogan brings in mainstream attention. Who else on the roster will get booked for appearances on Leno, Sports Center, the Howard Stern show? Bischoff has helped improve the production of the company big time since he joined. Sure they’re not up to WWE yet but he’s managed to make the crappy Impact Zone look as good on TV as it’s going to get.

    People who say get rid of them are just total marks who don’t understand the business or bitter wrestlers like Scott Steiner who never had a problem with Hogan and Bischoff before but as soon as they tell him they don’t have any plans for him in TNA he goes off on them. Funny how he mentions Hogan and Bischoff holding people back but at the same time all the guys being pushed are guys in their primes. He went off on Twitter tonight about Roode being held back but failed to mention that Hogan’s plan for Roode to lose at BFG and then turn heel actually worked for Roode and he’s been world champion now since November last year and has been incredible. He fails to mention how awesome Austin Aries is or Samoa Joe & Magnus being pushed as a badass tag team or James Storm being pushed. Instead he complains about Garett Bischoff getting TV time.
    I have no idea what anyone has against either.

    People can say Bischoff and Hogan killed WCW all they want but the truth is the only time WCW was successful was under Bischoff.

    Bischoff is the only promoter in the history of the business to get the best of Vince McMahon for any length of time. That alone would earn him a spot in my company’s brain trust from now till the end of time.

    Plus we have no idea what Bischoff could truly contribute to TNA as his influence is limited at best.

    Hogan one of the greatest draws of all time and his ability to get himself over to the mainstream could help TNA’s younger wrestlers if they’d be willing to listen.

    Both have limitless knowledge to share and their presence alone makes TNA feel bigger than they actually are.

  • Nicholas

    Hulk Hogan has no sense for the wrestling buisness never have never will. Yeah he made wrestling what it is today but he also had Vince Mac the guy who really made wrestling for what it is today. Because look at this fact since Hogan has left Vince after being put in the Hall Of Fame look where Hogan has fallen. To me Hogan has only care for one person Hulk Hogan. His ego has made me a person who is a fan of his when he was in his prime. To I wish he would just go away.

  • Jason

    This guy is so full of shit it’s almost cry worthy funny. I don’t feel like going into all of the details but one of the things he said just blew all of his creditability out of the water by saying Bischoff and Hogan booked David Arquette to be WCW champion. Bischoff had no real power in WCW at that time, hell the last time he ran WCW even with AOL suits running the show was back in March of 1999.

    I also find it funny how he says TNA is going downhill but yet the viewership is up on all fronts and the profit range is also up over 14% from last year. Fuck off Scotty

  • dlb

    I laugh so hard reading these, imagining steiner all angry and squinty eyed typing them up on his iphone. And I agree completely with what he says in this one.

  • TG

    Poppa Pump is 100 % on what he saying its all facts. After his No Way Out bout with Triple H ’03 he was basically out the picture shame cuz he got mass ovations.

  • ChrisDV

    He may be bat shit insane, but he kinda a point.

  • barry horowitz

    im loving this shit from steiner, also proves how stupid hogan is to say bobby roodeis the guy when he obviously is and to sayhardy is the guy shows how out of touch hogan is

  • be cool eat fruit