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Scott Steiner Continues Railing Hulk Hogan, Blasts Concept & Orlando Jordan Angle

Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling in March, has continued to fire off messages on Twitter trashing his former employer. In his latest series of messages, “Big Poppa Pump” rips Hulk Hogan over his reported concept calling for fans to film TNA Wrestling talent whenever they may encounter them. The multi-time champion also recalls a conversation with Sting where both shared displeasure with Orlando Jordan portraying a bisexual character. Steiner says:

Everytime hogan talks to the media without a script he sounds like a F’n idiot

Now hogan is sayin hes going to give more power to the fans get them more involved

Make them more important,BUT,thats all he can speak on it right now,FUCK

R U kidding me no other business in the world would allow 2 assholes to come into a company

Drive it to the lowest ratings EVER continue the low ratings for 2 1/2 cut down most employees

In the media,and still have a job,what is Tna n Spike Tv officials thinking

First off hogan there is nobody more important than the fans,without fans

There is no wrestling,dumbass,and second theres this new invention calld the nielson ratings system

And the fans are choosing not to be involved in the bullshit that you n bitchoff brought to Tna

And are using their power to change the channel

This new brand,concept will be a fraud just like changing it to impact wrestling where”wrestling matter”

Which was a crock of shit bcuz nothing changed,this is nothing but smoke

But they are not wrestlings target audience,wrestlings demographics are basically the same as nascar fans

Wrestler portraying the same on Tv,now i have NOTHING against gay ppl “to each his own”

Hogan brought in Orlando Jordan n introduced the wrestling audience to the first openly gay

Plus we were filming at universal where the fans were familys with kids from the park,at first

They did segments with Orlando in front of the live crowd n some familys were appaud n left

Bcuz his first stuff was him lusting over another wrestling which was bullshit,so then they starting doing

His segments backstage,so the live crowd wouldnt see them,so im talking with Sting in the impact

Zone one day,and we are both saying WTF is going on around here and he said he was going to

Say something and that he cant watch the show anymore,so i start asking questions and find out that

In the production meetings hogan thinks he could be the world champion,which i didnt understand

Why at the time,then later his ex-wife comes out n said he was gay,Hogan i know u think u have a

Strong brand name,but when yur ex-wife says yur gay You were Branded .:…

Every PPv sunday tna would have chapel and sting was pissed at the hypocrisy of it all

But thats what hogan wanted,of course his business partner and lap dog was backing him

Sayin controversy creates cash ….bullshit ..

U motherfuckers need to get a grip

  • eric

    @xx especially sunny. hbk was riding her getting it on with sunny in 1990’s. sunny even in shoots 2011 last year still talks about her relationship with hbk. about hbk asking her move down to texas in his house which was being build in 1996. so yeah hbk 1990’s got some sunny action.

  • eric

    @sym how about when goldust in 1996 pushed ahmed johnson making out with him while he was out cold. that was pretty gay. how about pat patterson and gearld brisco doing that evening gown match in 2000. that made me go to bathroom throw up.

  • ant

    @xx..yeah true dat but what about that greased up fat guy with a thong that always shows up on raw
    @sym.yeah and member when he used to grind on his opponnents and tried flirting with eric young talk about GAYYYY now that was fruity

  • Shawn

    What has the world come to….. I AGREE WITH BIG PAPA PUMP! Wow, never thought I’d say that, and in all caps, no less. But seriously, Steiner speaks the truth. Expect one of two things to happen. Either Sting and many TNA mainstays to jump ship when their contracts are up or Hogan/Bischoff will FINALLY be fired. But don’t honestly expect the latter…. Dixie is the biggest mark in the history of the world.

  • SYM

    I’m still tripping over the Fact that Orlando Jordans the was “Simply the Greatest” and that He came down the ceiling with nothing but Caution Lines on him. That Shit was Gay.

  • Bill

    Who cares what Steiner wrote? It’s how he wrote it! I can barely read all of those spelling errors & wierd spaces between every line! No offense…

  • Drake F3lix

    I think I’m the only one who totally agrees with everything he has said. I look forward to his weekly rants. Seriously.

  • ant

    @xx…not to mention his long golden locks didnt help any lol

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    @ Eric

    I think he meant 1st openly gay from a personal standpoint and displaying his (orlando) sexuality as a gimmick because of his sexual preference.

  • eric

    well yeah shawn humping ground was kinda gay. but when it came hbk he was humping and giving it to tammy aka sunny all time in 1990’s from what sunny says in shoots. also his friends say. yeah but stenier is right tna does really low ratings. never did high rating they were doing million veiwers or alittle higher before hogan and company came in. i just don’t tune in tna till 930 or almost 10pm. because i know every week flair hogan and old guys are going to be hoging spotlight. if want see hogan flair i can pop in old school wwf or wcw ppv vhs tape from 199o’s. these guys are living in past. get rid of them!

  • ant

    @eric..and lets not forget shawn michaels assless chaps and him humping the floor as part of dx of course that was kinda funny tho

  • eric

    everything stenier said was truth. if it wasn’t for fans there would be no wrestling. there is neisen rating system now. which he is right tna does really low ratings. people are turining there channels. also only thing stenier is wrong about is saying orlando jordan was first gay charcter ever. there has been alot gay charcters in pro wrestling last 20 years. 1996 dustin rhodes goldust charcter in 1996 he was doing same wierd stuff as orlando was 16 yrs ago. rico in 2002 gay stylst. billy gun anc chuck palumnbo having a comittment cermony on smackdown 2002. so stenier is right about everything except orlando being only gay charcter in wrestling.

  • sting

    steiner being from michigan ive always liked him…but all these rants are just a sad attempt at the attention he is not getting

  • sting

    and the funny thing is he will be back in tna

  • sting

    oh scot just stfu and die already you piece of white trash

  • Greg

    The problem is Steiner is addressing some actual problems tna has but he also bitches a lot about stupid shit and sounds so bitter that nobody takes anything he says seriously

  • Great Jeraud

    Scott if funny. Much more entertaining than the last 2 years of TNA. I could walk in to TNA and make it great. They have the roster, just the heads of the organization are weak.

  • TG

    Steiner sounds like a jerk/ass too a lot of you be truth be told CM Punk made similar type remarks last year with “leaving the company situation” but Stenier is speaking facts do much respect to him.

  • Jon

    Okay maybe not the biggest TNA heck I watch it because im a wrestling fan and have to be far for both promotions. I get where Stiner is saying but enough is enough.