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Scott Steiner Continues Trashing TNA, Urges Fans To Complain To Dixie Carter

Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling last month, has continued to fire off messages on Twitter trashing his former employer. In his latest series of messages, “Big Poppa Pump” rips Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling and urges fans to voice their complaints to TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter. He wrote:

Lets keep the momentum going to save Tna and turn rhe channel when u see a hogan or bitchoff

Segment wait 5 mins n turn it back,also keep tweeting Dixie that its time to save Tna

How appropiate the show ended with shit

Im glad everybody is agreeing with what i said last wk about open fight night

Brillant booking by the 3 assholes what a waste of airtime on the indy really

Is everybody believing me now that pritchard was just a go’fer in the WWE,how many bad shows

Do the Tna fans have to suffer thru b4 Tna n spike tv officials realize he is lying

Keep tweeting @tnadixie to voice yur opinon to save Tna from the same fate as WCW

How stupid fake n out of date did hogans backstage promos look,like i said if hogan isnt sayin

His catchphrases he sounds like a FF’n idiot

Its clear that nobody cares about eric or garrett bitchoff bcuz their segments draw low ratings

So u would think that with him “leaving” having another segment on him would be the last thing

They would do….but of course they had 4-5 segments on him

Which was brutal n hard to watch,how fake did it look when garrett took eric to the port o john and

Then put him in..thus ending with a SHIT shot on a SHIT show

  • Jay

    Hey since I started a fire Russo chant at a pay-per-view, whichever one Sting went up against Abyss, a few years back does that mean I’m responsible for the firing now??? Sorry using Jason “the TNA employee” logic. So your welcome I removed Russo crash TV from professional wrestling so now I deserve a great job in wrestling. Honestly any employee of a million dollar corporation responding to consumers on a non-company funded would be told to cease the actions or would be removed from their position.

  • Gregoo

    scott steiner should be awarded for his honesty
    tna does suck

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    Steiner isnt lying Tna is a crap show since they brought in hogan and bischoff and even worse since pritchard came along and Jason your still a lying pathetic bitch or as newjack would call you a ring rat how many indy wrestlers have you given blowjobs to and just becuse you have been to a tna show doesnt make you an employee

  • SpudimusPrime89

    I see Jason has devolved to calling WWE fans, kids and insult their intelligence and preference. When does PR training teach you that?

  • No Name Required

    Fact is if they rehired Steiner he’d be saying “oh yeah Bischoff is the shit” and did anyone else notice a few weeks ago wwhen Flair tried to say Bischoff the spike censors were picking it up because he says it the way Steiner tweets it.

  • SuckYourself

    Am I the only one tht read this in Scott Steiners Voice lmao

  • Jason

    Narf I said where did you get the Sting vs. Hogan card from based on your post. You said in your post that next month it would be Hogan vs. Sting and I said where did you pull that out from. Go back to WWE it is more your speed.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    suprised jason hasent been talking shit about steiner yet

  • Little Jimmy

    TNA’s problem is the product is too pretentious and it lacks the key ingredient that WWE has oozes of and that is entertainment. The backstage promos are dull, being too serious as a company doesn’t help either but the fact TNA management is full of ego’s ain’t good. Jason is fighting a losing battle though trying to defend a product that is as fun to watch as television infomercials that repeat it’s self for like 6 hours continuous. They were popular in the 90’s, Not anymore theres no need mowing gravel because all it does is clog up the mower and damage it even more. Steiner 4 TNA president!

  • Reverse prince albert

    Everything Steiner says is right. you cant argue with him, if you do you’re arguing with FACTS hahaha, hogan will be dead soon 😀 it will be party time

  • Stevie P

    The Garret/Eric thing is just brutal. You can tell it doesn’t draw. It sucks because you have really good wrestlers there and it’s just not doing well. I hope for the best.

  • Gorilla

    And Garret sucks I bet Vince would sign him just to bury him

  • Gorilla

    Steiner is just mad because he wants to be called “BIG BAD BOOTY DADDY” …but Hogan refuses to call him that in public…”only in the bedroom, Hogan says”

  • The Ryder Revolution

    I Agree with Scotty Steiner tna ruined him badly tna is the most boring company out there id rather watch old tapes of wcw then tna

  • ant

    i only watch tna for kurt angle,sting,aj styles,rob van dam,jeff hardy,mr anderson,james storm,austin aries,bobby roode,bully ray,mcmg,samoa joe,abyss,and sexy ass velvet sky..the minute they leave the orgazation or retire im done wit tna seriously

  • d

    I stopped watching when they started putting time limts on matches.way to many matches would ednd in a draw because of the time limit and it bugged me to death

  • Jimbo

    I haven’t watched TNA since Christopher Daniels dropped the Curry Man gimmick.

  • d

    Yes yes yes steiners twitter rants are back