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Scott Steiner Drops Lawsuit Against TNA Wrestling

Scott Steiner has dropped his counter-suit against TNA alleging non-payment of royalties and a lack of accounting for said royalties this past Monday via a letter to the court in Nashville. The suit was dropped on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012.

TNA’s lawsuit against Steiner for his Twitter outbursts as well as a second lawsuit filed by Steiner alleging injury at the hands of an allegedly “in no condition to perform” Jeff Hardy at a Michigan TNA house show are still ongoing.


  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    Opps didn’t read the second paragraph. TNA will end up paying Steiner millions.

  • Little Jimmy

    Hogan got Bubba Love Sponges wife to offer her services to Steiner “She Number One prostitute in all USA”

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    I guess “Big Poppa” couldn’t afford to keep up with them lawyer fees ah!