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Scott Steiner Gone From TNA Wrestling?, Possible Xplosion Format Change, More

— It would appear that Scott Steiner has parted ways with TNA Wrestling as his profile has been deleted from This is a general indication that a talent is no longer affiliated with the organization. “Big Poppa Pump” has not appeared for TNA since December.

— TNA Wrestling conducted a fan poll regarding format changes to the international program TNA Xplosion and Jeremy Borash revealed on Twitter that viewers want longer Spin Cycles, more matches and house show footage. Jeremy Borash said he was going to collaborate with Kevin Sullivan, the program’s executive producer, to “make that happen.”

— has released new T-Shirts featuring Jeff Hardy, Velvet Sky and one that reads “Wrestling No Season.”

— Sarita, who competes as Dark Angel in Mexico, will compete at a CMLL event tonight in Tlaxcala, Mexico as she teams up with Marcela to take on Amapola and Princesa Sugheit.

  • rko

    BPP as a manager would work for a young guy like Batista jr. What’s his face?

  • heyfit

    Smackdown already has Blacksnow on the commentator’s table. They need Chet Lemon.

    Bring back Chet lemon!

  • Erik

    Genetic Freak.!!……..


    BiG pappa PUMPS got your hook up! HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME!!

  • StocktonJoe

    I really don’t care if Jason works for TNA or not. But the attendance numbers he quotes here don’t match up with anything. Back in December, quoted TNA as saying they sold out the 1500 seat Belwadi area (a far cry from the 10 to 12 thousand number Jason claims). They go on to say that a lot the the “fans” in attendance were were actually paid (or at least hired) by the promoters to be spectators. So they paid people to be there.

  • Jon-Jon

    @ Jason

    It’s not KKR, it’s RKK. Clearly you don’t work for TNA if you can’t get their offspring promotion’s name correct.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    WWE should sign Steiner and team him up with Booker on commentary… at the Spanish announce table.

  • TS93

    Scott Steiner: “SHUT UP!”

  • poko

    Scott Steiner has been irrelevant for awhile now. TNA and the WWE both have plenty of guys who are better. At this point in his career, he’s pretty boring to watch, as every single move, even a clothesline, is followed by about 10 seconds of posing. He can really only play an enforcer type, and even then he’s almost incoherent on the mic. TNA did the right thing. Oh, and his character, with the constant talk about his “freaks”, is really creepy.

  • Chris E.

    I have always liked Steiner. He cant go like he used to, but he cuts vicious promos. He really comes across as pissed off. Too bad TNA couldn’t put together a senior league for the older guys that was more story-line and character driven to make up for the lack of hard core wrestling.

  • Jason

    KKR has not flooped as they sell out crowds of 10,000 to 12,000 a show. And no they are not the tag champs. They lost them about a month ago.

  • al

    isnt steiner and abyss the tag champs for tna’s india promotion?

  • Litahashugeb00bz

    Screw Steiner i would rather have hogan back full time wrestling haha

  • Jon

    Nah WWE doesn’t want Steiner. He clearly a roid freak and he doesn’t stand a chance with the wellness policy. There better off without him.

  • Turd Ferguson

    I’m not a big Steiner fan, but the WWE needs to bring in some ‘veteran’ talent to help establish their young guys. Having Ziggler, Kofi, Sheamus, Bryan, Cody, etc… beat each other up every week, and then eventually lose to Orton and Cena is not the way to rebuild the roster.