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  • adam tarasievich

    I hope the next game has the superstar threads thing in it again not really digging the blue trunks for the miz.

  • muh boy

    need to see animation to really get a feel for it.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Graphics are look good but I think Miz’s fauxhawk is a little to big and something about Orton in the 6th picture looks odd. I got it, he isn’t injured! Seriously though, something looks odd about him…

  • cvbnxbn

    so it looks like miz will move to smackdown

  • Prince

    I’d say the graphics already look better than the SVR series, even though it’s still early on.

  • yelissa

    alberto is so hot

  • dgnr83d

    ” my name . . my name is alberto del rioooo but of course you already know that “