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Script Reveals WWE Royal Rumble Layout, Vickie Rants

– Vickie Guerrero continues to tweet about The Rock’s RAW promo about her:

“Call me whatever you will, like Biatch…BUT remember this…I am the BIATCH IN CHARGE”. #BIC. #TheRock. #WWE”

– The current layout for WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view has a Rumble qualifying match planned for the YouTube pre-show, a Divas Title match that has not been determined yet, Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk vs. The Rock and the 30-man Rumble match.

A timed out script shows the Divas match for 10 minutes, the Tag Team Title match for 10 minutes, the World Heavyweight Title match for 20 minutes, the WWE Title match for 30 minutes and the Rumble main event set for 70 minutes total. These times include intros, the match itself and post-match happenings.

The script does not have winners or Rumble entrants at this point but does show that no other matches are scheduled such as The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Corn

    No no no you guys. Big Show beats Alberto Del Rio and wins back the World Heavyweight Championship, Ryback wins the Rumble, Ryback vs Big Show at Wrestlemania, Ryback wins the World Heavyweight Championship, BAM! Dolph Ziggler cashes in and becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion. That’s how it should be done.

  • Scooter

    A good wrestler can tell a good solid story with 7 minutes so 30 minutes is plenty of time

  • JohnCena33

    Punk vs Rock should get 30 minutes of wrestling, not 30 minutes of intros and wrestling, tag team match should get 20 minutes, WHC match is a good limit, Rumble match seems to be a bit long, and there should be no divas match.

  • Cena wins the Rumble. Rock wins title at Elimination Chamber. Rock vs Cena at Wrestlemania.

  • CC

    It says 70 mins for the rumble match, not 70 mins left of the PPV. The PPV is around the 180 min mark, and the matches listed only tally 140 mins, so the other 40 mins is gonna be devoted to promos, ads for the next ppv and other fluff pieces, with maybe another match or two.

  • Shawn Bronald

    I’m actually shocked the Rumble match will end the show. I’m starting to think that CM Punk will defeat Rock, Rock will be the 30th entrant in the Rumble and win, Punk will then drop the belt to Cena at the Elimination Chamber and it will be Rock vs. Cena Part Deux at WM29 for the WWE Title (where Cena will even the score and become WWE Champion).

    No…. I don’t want this to happen, but I’m guessing this is what Vince wants.

  • Guest

    Not when you include intros and post-match stuff it isn’t. That makes for a sub hour Rumble when most of them are way above that.

  • Timmy Bray

    70 mins is heaps long for a Rumble Match

  • Jack

    70 minutes? That’s it?