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Sean Waltman Comments On Ex-Girlfriend Chyna’s Return To Adult Entertainment

Former WWE talent Sean Waltman (a/k/a X-Pac), who co-starred with Chyna in a 2004 sex-tape, 1 Night in China, tells TMZ he won’t be watching her upcoming X-rated flick.

“It’s too hard remembering how devastated she was the first time around,” he said.

“It saddens me … but she obviously hasn’t progressed very far in life.”

Chyna recently struck a deal with Vivid Entertainment to produce a new pornographic film featuring the former Playboy model with “multiple endowed male professionals.”

Waltman adds, “[Chyna] used to say how low she felt after the first [sex tape] was released … what does that say about where she’s at in life now?”

  • Stephen Harper

    What a surprise that youve had to have your 2 cents tomc, it wasnt actually a dumbass gimmick and is miles better than anything wwe can come up with and another fact, shes the enforcer/mistress role to a tee, and if she wants to do it then let her its her life not ours!

  • keylo

    Date: May 27, 2011 at 2:04 PM

    dunno why the head of vivid would say she already made one if it werent true.========================================================

    Oh I dont know, maybe entice new members ?

  • Ben

    Who would voluntarily want to see Chyna naked, let alone pay for it?

  • TomC

    What a DUMBASS move on Joanie’s part . . . Why not further pusue wrestling again? The fans obviously were excited to see her back in the ring – albeit for a dumbass gimick.

  • Matt

    dunno why the head of vivid would say she already made one if it werent true.

  • cheesehandler

    HA….surprise surprise… surprised waltman wasnt tryin to get in on that flick…oh wait they’re lookin for endowed male professionals hahahahahahahaaa

  • muh boy

    xpac is assumeing a rumor is true. thats the deal

  • Adrian

    I thought this alleged sex tape was said to be a rumor? What’s the deal?

  • muh boy

    but she said she wasnt so whos lieing?

  • John Cheesa

    Chyna is just your typical woman who says she hates this and that but always ends up doing it anyway.