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Sean Waltman on if Chyna should have been inducted into Hall of Fame alone

Sean Waltman

While WWE finally announced a Hall Of Fame induction for Chyna as part of the DX, there are people who think that she should have been inducted on her own.

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, one of the groups’ members who will be inducted alongside Chyna, Sean Waltman gave his thoughts on this discussion.

Waltman said that he understands where the fans are coming from because Chyna accomplished a lot but he hopes that people who think she should be inducted alone are still grateful about her induction with the faction:

Well, I totally understand where they’re coming from; Of course, she deserves to go in by herself. Her accomplishments that she made, even after leaving WWE, were huge. She fought a man in the Tokyo Dome for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Women never, ever, never before or since, ever wrestle in a New Japan ring. I mean, that’s huge. Of course she deserves to go in by herself, but there’s only so many spots per year for the Hall of Fame, because it is a show that people watch. The thing about me and my career, I’m just grateful to be going in. And I hope that the people that think that about her are still grateful she’s going in. Because this is a win, and sometimes we should take the win.

Apart from this, Sean Waltman also talked about his own induction saying that he was caught off guard by the news and he is blown away.

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    Ivory and Jacqueline were there too. They didn’t get the same push, obviously, but both were better wrestlers than Lita and Chyna tbh.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Had no idea she wrestled in Japan. That’s news to me. But ya she basically was the only actual female wrestler in the attitude Era until they started letting Lita wrestle after she left that Spanish guy

  • Rinn13

    I never liked her, and knowing what kind of a cancer/drama queen/head
    case she was in real life behind the scenes, she didn’t even deserve the
    push WWF gave her. So I could care less if she were ever inducted,

  • I guess you don’t understand my point and decided to be clever, even though you don’t know how.

  • Yeah, I know right?

  • CC

    I was never a fan of hers, but only a fool would deny what she achieved in the industry and is most defo HoF worthy on her own.
    While I would not necessarily call this a “win” going in with DX, I think it is entirely possible that this is a step in the right direction to getting her in on her own.
    While i do get the reasons she has not gone in yet, I do not understand why they can turn a blind eye to some people’s transgressions and not others.

    Look at the Ultimate Warrior and his homophobic comments over the years, but they still put him in (Be a star WWE, be a star).

    I do think though that when she does go in on her own, and I think its now looking more likely, she should be the headliner that year. Considering all this women’s revolution stuff, WWE is all about firsts, and having a female headliner at the HoF would be another box they would want to tick.

  • A cash-in by a publicly-traded corporation headquartered in a capitalist-based country?! OH THE HUMANITY.

  • It’s not a win though, it’s a cash in/cop out by WWE