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Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Predicts TNA Will Be Part Of WWE’s Video Catalog

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman took to Twitter on Wednesday to vent on former employer TNA Wrestling. He directed his frustration toward organization president Dixie Carter’s account with a series of messages.

“Highly disappointed with you as a person who claims to care. More disappointed in your handling of the only alternative to WWE,” he wrote. “Been meaning to tell you that since your Co. tried to make it look like I no showed your PPV.”

Waltman was scheduled for a tag team match at the 2010 Lockdown pay-per-view event, but was absent. On the night of the show, announcers were instructed to say that Waltman had no shown. He reportedly let organization officials know days in advance that he was not cleared to wrestle by the Missouri State Commission due to his hepatitis C diagnosis and was not going to be able to attend the event. He is now denying the story.

Waltman explains, “They knew I wouldn’t be there for over a week. They alluded that I no showed was bcuz I was on a drug binge. They lied to the PPL. The thing is that it’s easy to believe a story like that about me, which makes it even more of a low life move.”

When a Twitter user wrote to Waltman that if he wasn’t a “boozer and a fool,” he might still be employed by TNA, he responded, “@TNADixie Had nothing to do with it. Plus are u serious w/ the crew they have there. Plus, I am sober & never cared 4 booze.”

Waltman then continued railing the organization’s upper hierarchy and made a stark prediction.

“Im just sick of @TNADixie running around playing this benevolent role, when it’s a facade. BTW Congrats on hiring Bruce Pritchard. Perfect fit . Oine of the biggest lowlifes in the business. Treats ppl like shit if he can,” Waltman wrote. “Mark my words TNA will be a part of WWE’s video catalog before the decade is up. I dont hope. I just think it’s a matter of time. Unfortunately. I love the crew over there. Great guys, almost all of them.”

  • eric

    @angry benny the thing is tna never had a rise. only a big fall. so it would be death of tna. tna worst moves ever. tna biggest fall! those would be 3 dvds they would sell at wwe i mean tna is still underradar in 2012. noone in mainstream media knows tna around. at least promoter paul heyman ecw was able to make it to mainstream with there sucessful 1997 barely legal ppv 15 yrs ago. tna when they have there biggest ppv year bound for glory. noone in mainstream media says anything. which proves they are underradar. tna never had a rise unlike ecw and wcw. tna should of got heyman in 2010 when they had the oppertunity. now he is in wwe laughing cashing big paycheck with his client 3 time wwe champion brock lesnar!

  • Soulja17

    Wwe isnt worthy of Tna’s video library, thats real wrestling. Tna may not have good business people but they’re talent is better than 75% of wwe’s roster!

  • Angry Benny

    August, 23, 2015

    This week in WWE TV: The insignificant Rise and Fall of TNA
    This 13 year run of a wrestling company that didn’t amount to much, With piss poor management decisions, and lousy writers, the company went belly up when Dixies Carters dad cut her off, she was forced to make a tough choice of actually putting on a real wrestling show, she failed and sold the company to Paul Micheal Levesque (HHH)
    We asked Mr. Levesque why he wanted to buy Tna, he stated: Vince made WWE a living breathing world in its own, Shane bought WcW and killed it in no time, I mean sure he kept the library, because he’s into old relics of wrestling and all, and I thought why not buy it? Dixie Carter was so hard up to sell I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, and now I own Tna, We own the world in wrestling, cross us and you will feel our wrath, it went on for too long stated Levesque, we just let them get some momentum, what we really wanted was Sting! Thats it! we wanted to own his likeness and his library, so we got the entire library of TNA, oh well, more programming on OUR NETWORK,

  • Angry Benny

    what the hell? I just sent a post and it didn’t come up, wtf

  • hjkhjk

    that would be admitting that there was another wrestling show on tv.

  • hjkhjk

    Even if TNA were to finally fold, WWE still wouldn’t give a crap about their video library.


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  • Pig

    Maybe TNA felt that saying he no showed was nicer than saying he was a drug using needle sharing fag that stuck his doink in that heshe Chyna and withdrew a case of the C.

    X-Pac, Sean Waltman, 123 Kid…..go away. You sucked!

  • Bagwells neckbrace

    Ant and Andrew assume I don’t have a job because I post on here. Makes no sense. Did you two post and hold hands at the same time.

  • Devil_Rising

    The fact of the matter is, he has a right to be pissed, even though this response is way late. For them to play off the fact that he’s struggled with drugs in the past, even though he was sober at the time, is pretty low and unprofessional. About as dumb as WWF’s storyline about Road Warrior Hawk being “on drugs” and “jumping to his death” from the Titantron. Really really classless.

  • 1919dpg

    once old man carter dies dixie’s little project will be defunded. it seems like dixie is a spoiled useless brat who is just given money to pass the time.

  • SYM

    Read this Article while Listening to X-Pac’s Theme O_O

  • poko

    Wait, so he’s saying wrestling promotions should only say true things on the air? That really makes no sense. The entirety of the profession is built on make-believe.

    The reason he’s upset about that storyline is because it’s plausible. The problem isn’t that TNA implied that his character was a self-centered flake, but that he really has been a self-centered flake in his career, and it hit too close to home. Basically, that perception is something he’s brought upon himself.

  • Stockton Joe

    I don’t know if Waltman is telling the truth or lying about what happened in 2010. I don’t care either. AND, I think he IS right about TNA being in some fashioned acquired by WWE in the not too distant future. The scenario I see most likely is that Panda Energy finally gets tired of flushing money down TNA, and shuts it down. Then to recoup at least some of that money, they sell the film library (by this time there won’t be much left) to WWE. It’s not like this sort of thing has never happened before.

  • OrkyBoy

    I for one am glad to hear Dixie isn’t all sweetness and light. When you run a business you uneed to be able to make tough or unpopular descisions.

    Getting rid of Waltman was one of those better moves, as he doesn’t have anything to bring to TNA. Regarding of the screen storyline vs reality, it doesn’t really matter one jot, as we all know the events on screen are (usually)fake.

    Either way he couldn’t attend the PPV he was booked for and TNA could hardly use the truth for his no-show, could they? I think he would have had reason to be bitter if they had but they didn’t so why complain?

  • Andrew

    y’know, I may be an idiot for this, but for some unfathomable reason, I sorta believe this (well, most of it, the ‘sober’ part is in the air). He doesn’t come across as so bitter like many other begrudged wrestlers that rail employers (and before anyone reads into it, no that wasn’t a jab at Scott Steiner), but to suddenly post this SO late off from the time of occurrence….hmmmmmm

  • philly655

    no one will employ the Fucktard hence why hes on here being a cunt!!!


  • Neutral

    The end of TNA is near and you don’t need to be a prophet to know that. Yes, they had their god years, but times are changing and only the strongest survive. And believe me, TNA was never one of the strongest.

  • ant

    dude youre a lowlife ^^ how bout u get a job and get off this site

  • Bagwells neckbrace

    I predict this crack head will be dead by the end of the decade. NWO for dead. Along with Scott “Fat Fucking” hall for life.