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Seth Rollins on Legends and Part-timers taking main event WrestleMania matches, Roman Reigns

The Architect has had an incredible year so far. Seth Rollins has been a part of some of the greatest matches on the main roster in 2018 and doesn’t plan on letting up anytime soon.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Rollins said that he’d like to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania while also revealing that he’s kind of tired of seeing their spots taken by the part-timers and legends.

Should Roman Reigns turn heel?

I don’t know. He’s in an interesting spot as a character. Until there’s something that really feels like, ‘OK we should push it one way or the other,’ he still gets one of the loudest reactions one way or the other every single night no matter where we’re at, in whatever town we’re at. If we’re in Paducah, Kent., on a Sunday afternoon and there are a billion kids in the crowd, he’s gonna be universally praised and when he hits a spear and they’ll go bananas. When he’s in Brooklyn, N.Y. at SummerSlam, the place might turn their back and boo him out of the building, but he’s still getting a reaction, so I don’t know. I don’t know what the right answer is, but I’m happy it’s not my decision to make.

Roman Reigns vs The Rock at WrestleMania:

I’d like it to be Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins.

Would he like to face The Rock at WrestleMania:

That’s cool, too. Don’t get me wrong. I love Rocky. I think he’s great. Love everything he’s done for this business. But my gut, my first instinct, says we don’t need him. We don’t need him. If we’re not the guys who can main event WrestleMania, then how are we ever gonna be The Rock? How are we gonna be Stone Cold Steve Austin? We can’t hold onto these guys forever. We just can’t. To me, let’s do Seth Rollins-Roman Reigns before we do Seth Rollins-The Rock. That’s me.

But do you see how it’s good for business to bring in The Rock audience or do you not care?

I see that perspective 100%. I get it. There’s nothing wrong with growing, getting bigger and putting more eyes on your product. I totally understand that. I get it. But at some point, we gotta move on from that.

Do you agree with Seth Rollins? Should the WWE focus more on its current crop of talents more than part-timers and legends?

  • Rinn13

    They aren’t very vocal about a part timer being the highest paid wrestler on the roster, and the “Universal” Champion for, what, over a year and a half now? If they don’t vocally bitch about Lesnar’s BS status with the WWE, then they don’t get to talk trash about someone like Rock coming in once every few years.

  • CC

    The Roman question was pointless as no way is he going to say yes or no to that, hence the very company line “vague” answer.

    As for the Rock. Once again, kind of a pointless question as very few guys on the current roster are going to agree with a part timer or occasional appearance guy headlining WM.

    But where I kind of take issue with what he says is “We don’t need him. If we’re not the guys who can main event WrestleMania, then how are we ever gonna be The Rock? How are we gonna
    be Stone Cold Steve Austin?”

    The fact is, part timer or not, for a guy like Rollins or Reigns even to beat The Rock at WM would potentially put them on the road to being that guy who could indeed be the next Rock or Austin. Granted, if they lose that would probably not help them, but to actually beat a legend like that who is still in great shape (beating Hogan these days is not so impressive) could do big things for their career, if handled right.
    Reigns beating Taker was handled wrong, so despite him picking up the win it actually hurt him. Firstly Taker had already lost his streak, secondly Reigns was not that popular going into the match as a babyface (should have been a full blown heel) and finally Taker was not in great shape, and has not been in great shape for years now.

    You bring Rock in for a decent angle, with a couple of months build even if he does not have any matches, and pit him against someone like Rollins. Get Rock to play the big headed Hollywood heel, and have Rollins win at WM and you not only have a rise in Raw viewship in that build up, you help push Rollins towards that status that previous legends have.

    Sadly though, WWE would book it all wrong and Rollins would be proved right.