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Sexy New Photos Of Melina Posing in a Short Dress

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  • John

    I disagree. Melina is smokin’ hot! Of course, I’m a little bias since the Latina look is what I’m in to! I don’t really like the Bellas all that much. Kelly is hot as hell too, but I don’t like blondes.

  • Cee Sicc

    I just wanna see her breasts to be quite honest, that and that cute ass of hers is what does it for me. Though her stingy self won’t pose nude even though its been offered to her idk how many times.

  • Jason

    Melina is hotter then Kelly Kelly and the bellas

  • Bitex

    @CM PUNK IS GOD, I second your opinion on melina…her look has never and will never do it for me either! And i’m not hating on her!

  • Jason

    You must be a fag

  • Jason

    Only if she was doing the splits.

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