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Sexy Shots of SoCal Val in Black Lingerie!

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  • David


  • Rob

    Stunning, if TNA & Playboy did negotiations I’d pay every last buck to see her in it :P

  • brody

    My, oh my… she’s reason enough to watch Tna.

  • Sweet Stan Lane

    SoCal Val is TOO HOT!!! Love me a redhead. Mmmmm

  • baddog_1_2k

    love them pouty lips.

  • Will Henderson

    correction to the strict censors of the comments thing (guessing the software was created by a guy who went to church more than a normal person would:

    to quote Borat, Nice

    loves me some S E X Y SoCal Val.

    i hate the strict super censorship the comments have, they even censor words that’s not really bad, the person in charge of this site needs to check the parental settings on the comments.

  • Will Henderson

    to quote Borat, Nice

    loves me some sexy SoCal Val.

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