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– Shane Carwin was recently interviewed by bleacherreport.com, here are the highlights:

On Defending Brock Lesnar: I certainly think Brock gives the fans plenty to pick at when he is healthy and able to defend himself. Here is a guy who not only is so sick he can’t fight, but he may never fight again. He has spent a lot of his life being a professional athlete, and then all of a sudden he is at risk of losing his ability to compete. I felt compelled to make sure that people knew I didn’t feel that Brock was “ducking me” or any of the other crazy things that were being said. Brock is a warrior, and I do not see him ducking anyone.

On Fighting For An Interim Title: Titles are not important to me. The interim title is second place with a medal. I am already in that spot (the No. 1 contender spot), and I do not mind fighting to protect that spot, but I do not need a glorified trophy to do it. The champion is Brock, and he has the only belt that should matter to any fighter in the heavyweight division. I do not want to be the glorified contender, I want to be the guy that went in and fought the best guy in our division for the most prestigious prize in our sport. Until then, I am just another UFC heavyweight at the top of the division waiting for a fight.

On Being Disappointed In Fedor Signing With Strikeforce: Only because I would like to fight the guy. He is one of the best P4P in the world and as a heavyweight, he is the standard. If you are a true competitor you would want to face Fedor and test yourself against one of the greatest fighters of all time. Fedor could technically be considered undefeated: He has 30 fights and will go down as one of the legends of our sport. Strikeforce has a huge viewing audience, and they are willing to co-promote with M1. I suspect CBS will realize what they have in Fedor and will increase their marketing of him and Strikeforce.

On Not Fighting in Nine Months: Not really; we train hard at Grudge Training Center, and it’s not like I am taking time off. The other way to see it is I have had to get ready for two different fighters over three training camps and how much that has improved my game?

On The Heavyweights From This year’s Ultimate Fighter: They need to get that cardio up for sure. Guys like Cain Velasquez have unlimited gas tanks, and you do not want to gas against the UFC’s elite heavyweights. I think some of those guys are going to be a force in the division, and I look forward to seeing them rise to the top.

  • Norm H.

    I think it sucks that here was Brock Lesnar, coming in green to the UFC with everything to prove and then doing it, only to fall prey to some whacked out disease that could end his career. This ranks right up there on the list of unfair s**t! Carwin needs to beat Mir because, after talking all his crap about Brock and then getting OWNED in their last fight, I don’t think it fitting that he should again have a title around his waist. Hope Brock can recover and come back so we won’t have to see the teary goodbye speech in the octagon in the future.

  • magnumfinance

    shane sounds alright..but brock will still beat him if they were to fight

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