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Shane Helms Posts Health Update Following Life Threatening Motorcycle Accident

Former WWE talent Shane Helms (a/k/a The Hurricane) posted a blog concerning his health following a life threatening motorcycle accident that took place May 5 in North Carolina.

“My left foot, which I nearly lost (along with my life) in a motorcycle accident on May 5th of this year, and all 4 plates and 23 screws that now reside within it, is alive and on FIRE at the moment,” Helms wrote.

“Being in pain every single second of every single day can wear a man, any man, down. Its mentally and physically draining and can easily tap into your spirit as well. It’s easy in moments like this to feel sad and be overwhelmed as waves of depression rear their ugly head. It’d be easy to just take more meds and crawl back into bed. But at these times, I try to realize just how amazingly wonderful my life has been.”

Helms also posted a list of “Did You Know?” facts, which notes that he once partied at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. To read his full post, click here.

  • venom

    I wish “The Frankenstein Hurricane” a speedy recovery. HBK shouldn’t have given him the Sweet Chin Music.

  • Bill

    @Devil_Rising, I’ve never really been a Hurricane fan, but who would say that? Just because Cena appeals to children, should he die? Of course not! People take this business too seriously sometimes. So what if he says crap about HBK? Screw him for it, & nothing more. The same applies to anyone. No one should wish death upon another. I’m not trying to preach to anyone, but that is just wrong.

  • Devil_Rising

    This guy is a great guy, great wrestler. Anyone bad mouthing him, let alone having the sickening audacity to say he “should have died” in that crash (I’ve literally seen it on here), honestly deserves to get in a wreck themselves.

    Helms has always been a quality guy, and a great wrestler. Period.

  • Sean Mooney

    How do these comments get approved when I’ve had respectable opinionated comments not get approved? This is Sean Mooney…

  • cenahater

    Did you know? I tried to get into Mighty Molly’s pants.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Must be HBK’s fault that happened to Helms and that he is living in pain everyday. Always is…

  • Effmenow

    We like the backstreet boys. NSYNC too. Britney Spears is kindaaa cute. We watch TRL on MTV. Everybody 3 count 1 2 3…..