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His reasons for choosing to sign with Lucha Libre USA and not pursuing TNA or Ring of Honor more actively: “I just think it’s something different. I never did the Lucha Libre style, and I think I have more to offer those guys. I think it’s a challenge for me now. Once I left the WWE, if you count WCW, you’re talking about a 12-year TV career. The only time I had off is if I was hurt. I wasn’t really sure if I was going to sign another TV contract, because I didn’t know if I wanted to. I started working the indies, and working with a lot of talented people, and it kind of lit the fire under me again. There’s alot of people in TNA who want me there, and I have lot of friends down there, but Lucha Libre USA came at me with a great offer, so I think I made the right choice.”

Why, despite fan reaction, it was not a surprise for him to not join TNA, the importance of standing out on his own, and not going somewhere “because I’m someone’s friend”: “I had calls from certain people, but I hadn’t really decided. Even when the Lucha Libre offer came up, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do anything. I think TNA will always be an option, and it would great to work Matt, Jeff, and Shannon again, but I see those guys all the time anyway. I don’t want to go there just because I’m someone’s friend. That’s never been my deal, and I’ve always done my own thing anyway. I know it was a surprise to some people, but I think for people who really know me, it wasn’t that big of a surprise.”

Why he chose to echo his recent sentiments and feelings on Shawn Michaels, the reaction he has received from those within the wrestling community/his fans, and why “there will be more stories like that coming out” Shane’s explanation on the comments he made Shawn Michaels: “He tried to undercut me a couple times, and this was supposedly after his ‘salvation,’ when he’s supposed to be such a good guy. He’s undercut a lot of people, Ken Kennedy being one, that he really went out his way to bury for absolutely no reason. When you’re out there hurting somebody’s career and hurting somebody’s family, and then you go out on the stage and pray, that just rubs me wrong. I’m not getting anything out of telling the truth. I might have lost some fans just because I told the truth, but I think in the end there will be more people that will eventually, when they into a level of comfort that I’m at now, there will be more stories like that coming out.”

More is contained in Shane’s exclusive interview with The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, including his candid thoughts and comments on if could ever foresee a return to World Wrestling Entertainment, where The Hurricane/Paul Burchill feud was headed on ECW on Syfy prior to his release, what he feels he brings to the table in his new home of Lucha Libre USA, the future of the cruiserweight style of wrestling, being one of the originators of social networking amongst those in the wrestling community, what led him to launch “Highway 2 Helms,” plus so much more! Mayhem Nation: Check out what’s next for the two-time World Tag Team Champion by visiting his official website (located at www.ShaneHelms.com) and by following The Hurricane on Twitter (at www.Twitter.com/ShaneHelms). In addition, be sure to tune in each and every Wednesday night (at 7PM ET/6PM CT) for all-new episodes of “Highway 2 Helms” on www.GeekWeek.com

  • JOE

    @doomsdae no shit your going to see the same ppl all of their shows are taped in orlando lol

  • Doomsdae

    Okay, The Bori-cane and his gay lovers the Hardy’s and Shannon Moore are all whiny little piss ants. Shane Helms and Matt Hardy both use the Dirt sheets to bash people and to keep their names in the press. WHy the fuck would people believe anything coming out of their lying mouths??? So f’n what if HBK supposedly “undercut” Shane Helms who gives a damn if he supposedly “undercut” Misterrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnneeeedd no wait he changed that to ANNNNNNNDDDDEEEEEEERRRRRRRSSSSOOOONNNN. I can’t believe that TNA has to steal what WWE did to get Ken Anderson over and use it in their company. Then of course TNA is hoping and praying that this whole “THEY” storyline will save their failing company. Man bringing back the Main Event Mafia????? Talk about a desperate act by a desperate company. That obviously can’t get any new fans to attend their TV taping. Look in the crowd in you watch their show it is the same people in the crowd every single show. It is bullshit that they think the anything they do will save their Poor Man’s WCW. Also folks politics are apart of the WRESTLING BUSINESS. And I’m not saying I’m Just saying.

  • JOE

    ok ppl that bash on matt hardy I can understand that he puts himself in that situation but ppl bashing jeff hardy for having personal issues is just plain rediculus and sad. ppl act like they live perfect lives and dont have their own issue that need to take of.

  • JOE


  • andre lewis

    he douchebag get a life already im speaking the truth here everybody is bashing helms and taking hbks side you fukkers are pricks and dont know shyt just cause hbk is a christian he deserves to get a pass bullshyt fukkin bullshyt im not gonna play these back an forth idiotic games on here with a buncha noobs who think they know wrestling when they dont know shyt and extra only jeff did drugs not matt or helms dickhead

  • extrka

    Helms and the Hardy’s are delusional meth-heads.

  • AndreLewis Hater

    Andre Lewis is pathetic, he bashes the know-it-alls and seems to think HE knows the truth. Helms and the Hardys get bashed because they deserve it.

  • JOE

    WTF is a fluffer alot of ppl on here uses it

  • andre lewis

    ya see ppl hate it when you tell the truth and dont sugarcoat shyt the minute someone tells it like it is the person who made the bs accusation tends to go into defense mode like some douchebag above who called me mark henrys fluffer wtf does that mean hbk was a prick and i dont buy into his chirade like some guys said above you dont know hbk or helms how can you be an ignorant sheep and jump on the hbk bandwagon hbks not even that good prime or recent ya know theres nothing but a bunch of emo sounding marks on this site pricks with no lives no nothing but they sit there and bash shane helms or the hardy boyz get a fukkin life already jesus

  • john

    the rock put over helms once or twice not sure why it was funny and kind of sad and shcoking all at once ….if the rock can lay down for him why not hbk to say sum1 cant lost to someone else because of poistion on a card is niave… what does undercut mean though ? :P

  • andre lewis

    stfu because its motherfukkers like you who think they know everything do you know hbk personally have you met him no you havent so dont sit there on your ass and bash helms because theres many guys better then hbk ever was dont gimme that bs nobody is better then hbk bullshyt aj style john morrison kaval and many more are way better then hbk ever was hbks an overrated piece of shyt nothing but a damn spot monkey hbk fan go to hell seriously because you werent there to see what helms and many others saw in shawn fukkin mark

  • Hbk Fan

    Shawn may have undercut alot of guys but shane helms is not one of them what did shawn want the light weight belt Not helms isnt even in hbks league

  • andre lewis

    i believe deep down theres a little bit of the old hbk left in shawn michales doesnt matter how long hes been christian or not what he was will always be apart of him always i think some ppl on here kiss his ass too hard wtf is so special about hbk seriously oh man he was a great wrestler i dont see wtfs so special about shawn the flashy outfits long girly earrings he was suppose to be a male stripper or some shit and thats hall of fame material please spare me hbk may of stopped his old ways but like i said i think a little of the old 90s asshole hbk is still there you morons who bashed helms dont even know shawn in my book hes overrated and was protected by wwe hbks title reigns were when the nwo was on top of wcw and everybody knows wcw beat wwe 2 yrs straight and that was during hbks whole run at the top hbk isnt so good in fact hes not even mentioned with guys like rock and steve austin they saved wwe from wcw not hbk bret hart was the better wrestler better character he had everything screw charisma last time i checked this is wrestling not hollywood charisma aint everything many guys have or had charisma and never went anywhere due to politics mr perfect piper razor ramon rick martel the list goes on and on so dont sit here and act like you know hbk personally cause ya dont he and the cliq made alotta ppls lives miserable at that time

  • andre lewis

    i agree with big T rucdog and other guys who say that hbk isnt this goody two shoes you idiots dont know hbk personally me i think hes overrated as hell even in his prime he wasnt this mythical god of wrestling ive said it a thousand times hes nothing special no different then jeff hardy or john morrison flashy spots is all he was about and what made him stand out was his mouth his charisma thats it other then that hes nothing special and helms is right im on his sidejust cause youre a christian dont mean youre perfect hell look at the catholic church in 2002 with all the anal raping cases hbk was a pain in the butt back in the day and to act like hes this new changed man is bullshyt religion dont change you you change with the religion church guys are always in trouble always

  • Madman

    I agree with rucdogg. but I’ll contradict myself. No matter the story the fact that helms says this stuff without any story or situation of why he feels this way and using just the term undercut says to me hes blowing smoke and wants attention. But whatever.

    And by no means is Shawn Michaels is a saint. Hes been a great performer and a legend. But everybody knows he was a well known @** hole before. Just cause you had your salvation doesn’t mean your personatliy changes. Some aspects all stay the same.

  • Rucdogg

    I like how everyone talks trash about helms like they were there. The only poeple that know what really happened if anything are the wrestlers who were backstage. As much as we all think we know about wrestling, we are getting second hand info,none of us work there, none of us know these guys. Maybe if people quit trying to be so damn smart about wrestling and just watch it, you might enjoy it instead of bitching on a damn website all day. just saying

  • kannon

    Helms maybe we should chug on down to mamby pamby land, where maybe we can find some self confidence in you. You jack wagon! TISSUE?

  • trick29

    he should shut the fuck up and stop bitchen he sucks thats it.

  • mark

    i agree in around 1997 that HBK had his issues and no doubt , but dont get helms his argument. HBK was out of the ring for 5 yrs where helms could have made a name for himself. In my recollection he faced the Rock in 2003 where he had the spotlight and should have made the most of it. Like most of the comments on here, Helms needs to look in the mirror at himself.

  • danaisapussy

    helms should go on the view and discusss it further

  • JOE

    so bc shawn is a mega star and goes to chruch means he cant be petty?

  • crispycrew

    Get Helms a tissue to wipe his crying eyes!

  • Eric Nixon

    I’d love to know exactly what Helms thinks HBK did to him. I don’t believe Helms is making all of this up. I’m sure he legitimately feels wronged. But it would not shock me to learn that it’s something most of us would trivial.

  • donteffmenow

    helms is a jobber’s fluffer

  • http://[email protected] mj

    the proof is in the pudding look at randy orton for example: the push killer! he helped stop kofi’s push and sent anderson to TNA (Thank god!) ppl still like orton but saying he’s not an a$$hole sometimes is stupid! What makes HBK different? he’s the greatest of all time? no ppl seem to think he’s perfect when he’s at wrestlemania while helms was a midcarder so! main eventers always treat the midcarders like they were nothing while ppl think they’re gods! when they aren’t!

  • Greg

    I’m sorry but ‘undercutting’ is just such a shockingly vague term that the whole story becomes worthless. I don’t think Shawn is a saint but at least a bit of an explanation would have been nice. Otherwise, yeah, douche comes to mind!

  • nnla

    honestly if Shawn did him and others wrong after his salvation and even before hand. God forgives, I don’t know who to believe but I do know that God forgives and will forgive Shawn for his sins and also Helms for his.

  • Valo487

    Even if HBK was undercutting people, Shane Helms’ credibility went out the window the second he claimed he went with Lucha Libre USA because of the opportunity, not because TNA went offthe table the second Velvet Sky said “It’s him or me.”

  • donteffmenow

    shane helms is just a p!ss ant, trying to take creditibilty from a legend, lmao but its not going to happen. only the 0.05% of drugged up f@ggots with aids agree with co(ksucker helms

  • Manny

    Listen to all you nuthuggers, what, HBK can’t do no wrong?

    This guys is probably telling the truth, what would he gain by making crap like this up? HBK was a well known a%$#hole, just ask Bret Hart.

  • venom

    The Hurricane should stop eating the oreos and stop complaining.

  • Buttercastle

    I think what he meant by undercutting was that he thought HBK was doing less than him (and Kennedy I suppose) but still getting the results of being a top guy.

  • In Grind We Crust

    who cares even if he did undercut him, it’s Shane Helms… he’s a dork.

  • Monsoon

    In what parallel universe is, or was, Shane Helms ever a threat to HBK’s spot on the roster? Helms was a lower mid-carder at best, a comedy act. I just don’t see a situation where HBK would even need to pay attention to Helms, never mind undercutting him.

    Was Helms petitioning for a main event match for the WWE title against Michaels at Wrestlemania? Well, if this were the case and Michaels said he wouldn’t work with Helms then I completely agree with Michaels.

    That match wouldn’t make any money for anyone and would benefit nobody and that includes Helms who would go back to being a lower-mid-card comedy act.

    To me, this whole thing looks like a weak attempt on the part of Helms to be relevant and have his name floated across the sea of Internet wrestling websites like this one. Problem is that Helms hasn’t been relevant in years and that’s going back to when he was still with the WWE.

    Hell, the guy spent over a year, employed by WWE, with a neck injury so when exactly was he “undercut” and “undercut” from what?

  • filthy bus

    It doesn’t seem so hard to believe to me. Wrestling is filled with politics, with the top guys trying to protect their spot. WWE of late has seemingly been happy to release any body not happy with the way things are. Sounds to me like they are getting rid of anyone who is speaking up about being looked over, probably only because they haven’t made the right friends.

    And lets not forget who HBK’s supposed best friend is… HHH. A guy people have been complaining about politicking for years. It’s not so much of a stretch to think that Shawn and Hunter have that in common.

    Remember what you see on TV is a character. No matter how cool someone is on TV doesn’t mean they aren’t a complete dick in real life.

  • Monsoon

    I agree with keylo, I think Helms should beat him off. Go get them Hurricane, beat off Shawn Michaels. Do it on PPV.

  • Satan

    I agree with Big T i like Shawn Michaels he’ll always be a legend in the ring but to act like he’s perfect is wrong I’ve heard so many bad things about him from numerous different wrestlers that have worked for WWE there’s no way it can be wrong coming from that many people not everyone has an agenda.

  • keylo

    that should say beat of him

  • keylo

    Why the hell cant people see this toolhbk for what he really is, ever wonder why he got the s hit beat out of me by so many outsside that bozzer and the gas thing is they same people who defend this ex roid and coke junkie and this is a saint is a joke.

    He was no different to what you all accuse Trips of doing.

  • Rich

    HBK Is A Legend

  • Big T

    I can’t believe how many HBK marks there are. I loved him in the ring too, but to believe the S.O.B. can’t do anything wrong is just stupid! There can be negative reports that are true about him. You can still like him even if he did bury other talent. I’m not turning on Helms for telling the truth.

  • shawn

    maybe he’s complaining because hbk was the money magnet of the wwe. fuck i would complain about the corporation. they need to make the financial content of ann. reports to a minimum? keep the investors happy?… who cares actually.lol

  • randy

    stand back, theres a douche

  • CM Mark

    It hasn’t seem to hurt Anderson any Shane…lol.

  • Vinny

    why would shawn michaels, one of the greatest in the business, headlined wrestlemania after wrestlemania, won numerous world championships, had a storied career – why would he try and “undercut” someone like shane helms? Im sure he wasn’t jelous of his “spot”, thats for sure.

  • oxslangshoot

    i doubt it was just shawn, he seems like he just has a face you would want to punch in a bar he wouldn’t have to open his mouth to annoy you, just look at the ugly (unt

  • oxslangshoot

    lmao really wouldn’t matter, shawn would p!ss on shane on his worst day and shanes best. shawn wouldn’t have to try to undercut him.. why dont he say other wrestlers done the same because he is so crap

  • Raziel

    I want him to go into detail how Shawn tried to undercut him.

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