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Shane Helms Says He’s Worried For Matt Hardy, Comments On His Own Health

Former WWE talent Shane Helms appeared on Between The Ropes with Brian Fritz (available at Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Shane Helms has been through a lot over the past year and a half. He spoke with Brian Fritz of about his recovery from his motorcycle accident and the legal issues he must now deal with, the pros and cons of social media, the Shane Helms app, what is going on with both Matt and Jeff Hardy, leaving the WWE, if and when he may return to the ring and more.

What he has been doing lately as he recovers from his motorcycle accident: “I got the go ahead from the doctor to go ahead and start putting weight on my foot. The bad news with that is I have to start getting into the legal ramifications of the accident. I got charged when I got in the accident but because I was under doctor’s orders, I had to be at home. I haven’t left the house unless to go to a doctor or something like that and then I had to be assisted.

“But I told the authorities that – and they’re very cool with me, they know I’m not a flights risk – I told them whenever I go the OK to move, I’ll come over there and we’ll take care of this. I just got off the phone with my lawyer and we’re going over there tomorrow to go over there and get that out of the way. So there’s your exclusive before it hits the air.”

On the legal charges he faces which includes DUI: “It’s not something I want, I don’t want to drag it out. I kind of just want to go and have it done. That’s why I said as soon as I got the clearance from the doctor I called (my lawyer). It’s something that’s kind of been on my mind and I want to get out of the way. I’ve never been above facing up for any mistake I’ve made. I just want to go ahead and knock it out and move ahead, move forward with it. I learned a huge lesson from this.”

If he has spoken with Matt since his recent arrest and how he is doing: “Matt is going through a time right now. I can’t get down there and I can’t move as much. I wish I was there to talk to him in person so I could get a better gauge of what’s going on. I worry about Matt … a lot. It’s kind of flipped because Jeff is now … Jeff has everything together now. He’s really a good father, a really great person.

“And now it just seems like the shoe is on the other foot and Matt is having his difficulties. I’m not even sure what they are. I have an idea but that’s not for me to say. He’s my friend so it’s probably something that, honestly, I wouldn’t say anything. But I do worry about him as I would worry about any friend or loved one.”

  • venom


    It’s called I’m on the clock. So I am getting paid and have 8 hours of being on the internet. Sorry that your fantisies of me and Punk are untrue. Sorry if you are disappointed.

  • philly655

    Venoms probably got pictures of him n cm punk photoshopped together holdiing hands… clearly too much time on his hands

  • venom


    Man you are so tough behind that keyboard. Somebody should tell you cyber bulleying is sad. I am going to lose so much sleep on what you think about me. So I bashed Helms and Hardy, that doesn’t mean I bash all of these wrestlers. I’ve always said what I wanted to say about Helms and Hardy. Isn’t that what these comments are? All of my comments aren’t negative. Why are you getting offended? It’s not like I was making fun of you. You sound like Fatt Hardy’s hero. You probably follow him on twitter everyday. You are probably a drunk driver everyday too since you are on wrestling-edge to save Fatt Hardy.

  • StudDog

    I fell sorry for venom, He has such a big ol man crush on CM Punk that he feels he has to put down all the other sports entertainers. But just say something, anything negative about Punk and suddenly venom turns into his internet hero and comes to save the day.
    Venom, I dont think you are punks type. Get over the man crush.

  • adam

    I will sorry for Rebel Sky and Jeff’s wife i mean there friends ya thats fucked up for all of them. BUt there girlfriends and wifes havin to put up with these mood swings and there addictions shit.

  • I feel sorry for people like Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Marty Garner and Christian York.

    all 4 of them have been trained/helped trained by The Hardys, and have been good friends with them since, they’ve seen them turn into complete idiots.

  • Effmenow

    Venom is like that kid in your class that has something to say about every little thing because he wants attention. That’s usually the kid that gets his ass kicked after school.

  • Devil_Rising


    You never do have anything even remotely positive to say…do you.

  • adam

    I like helms i have a feeling once he heels up if the wwe is really intrested in restarting the light heavyweight division they will give him a call. As for everything with matt hardy like i said in a privious post he needs help. He talked earlier about possibly returning to wwe i dont think they will rehire him if he is like that. But one thing they would do for him that they do for other former wrestlers is sign him into a rehab center so he can try to get better. Its kind of weird how jeff and matt cant be good at the same time one has to be doin really good the other bad.

  • venom

    These bitter washed up ex WWE has beens have to stick together. They can complain about CM Punk and HBK all they want.

  • Devil_Rising

    Honestly, Shane has always been a stand up guy, great to his fans, respected in the locker room, etc. I don’t know where the hate some people have on here for him comes from. So what if he had some words for HBK. Quite frankly, he had a point. HBK was a major douchebag, and his whole “Christian turn around” thing always did come off as phoney, where it was truly genuine or not. And him having a hunting show now, does seem rather odd.

    Shane Helms, though, has been one of the best wrestlers of the last decade, and I personally hope that he gets back 100%, and maybe even comes back to WWE at some point. They never should have fired him in the first place. He and Jericho both got in trouble over the same thing, which was being drunk, and getting in a “play fight”, in the back of a Taxi. Jericho was not punished for this. Helms was, which is unfair and not equal treatment, as WWE likes to profess that it practices. If he had gotten the same treatment as Jericho, likely a quiet slap on the wrist, he’d likely still be in WWE right now.