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Shane McMahon Comments on His Decision to Leave WWE

– Shane McMahon spoke with this week about his decision to leave WWE and his new business venture in China.

Regarding leaving WWE, Shane said:

“It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I didn’t want to wake up when I was 70 and say, ‘I should have done that.'”

Shane also said it was “brutal” telling Vince McMahon that he wanted to leave and says almost two years later, there is still some tension between the two. “It’s still hard,” Shane said.

  • Matt

    mike oxafloppin

    actually, the entertainment part of pro wrestling is what gave the wwe (then wwf) huge ratings in the attitude era.

    Wwe needs to have both good entertainment AND good wrestling.

    If you don’t have both, you don’t have a winning combination.

  • JIR

    Not about money a real man has to stand up for himself. His mom and dad have money he cashed out and decided to provide for his wife and kids in his way and that is admirable. Shane might fail but he has to prove it to himself that he can stand on his 2 feet with out parents or siblings.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    While everyone here makes very good points, I truely believe Shane got out simply for the fact that WWE is a sinking ship. While their ratings on Mondays may be strong, they’ve had 2 shows taken off the air (NXT & Superstars) & they’ve had a show cancelled (ECW). Their ratings on Fridays a slowly fading, their ppv buyrates get lower and lower every year, their profit is down 8.6 million and their Revenue is down 119.9 million. The only thing that will save WWE is not so much going back TV-14 but another Monday Night War that is worth a damn. TNA surely isn’t going to give us that for the time being considering they are to worried with competing with WWE and not trying to better themselves. Another thing they need to do is drop the stupid “entertainment company” bullshit and give us wrestling again, if they could give us less fucking retarded skits and amateur comedy night with John Cena and more WRESTLING with TALENTED WRESTLERS I believe that would do wonders for the company. Build up the mid-card, which is where most of the talent is (Rhodes, DiBiase, Bryan, RYDER, Ziggler, Swagger, Christian, etc.), and make them the faces of the company, stop with the same boring ass stale “wrestlers” that can’t wrestle their way out of wet paper bags.

  • Devil_Rising

    I honestly attribute that to the fact that Shane is (probably) a genuinely nicer, and less conniving/controlling person than Vince or Stephanie are. That is why Stephanie got “ahead” of him in the company, although remember, when he quit, he was pretty much running the business/marketing side of WWE. So it’s not as if he was “nothing”. He simply didn’t have control of the creative side of the on-screen product, as she does. And now, with her husband HHH (who you can’t tell me didn’t mainly marry her to get where he is right now), basically calling the shots 100% on who comes in, who gets pushed, who doesn’t, etc., well……yeah. They’re in control.

    I still think WWE would be a LOT better right now, if Shane were the one in Stephanie’s position (in control of creative and booking).

  • Gary

    honestly, we’ve all known stephine and hhh was taking over since they got married. Where did that leave vince’s first born son? LEFT OUT. Shane worked for WWE/WWF(on screen) before stephine, with that being said i would of walked away too, vince totally overlooked his son

  • bonerjams

    I meant shane was probably like fuck it I’m out

  • bonerjams

    Well not to mention that triple h and stephanie helmsley are trying to run the company after vince steps down so vince probably was like fuck it if I ain’t the heir then I’m outro

  • Justin

    While he is rich as hell, you still have to respect a son telling his father, “I’m leaving the family business.” And knowing who Vince is (at least what we hear) it was probably a bit intense. Shane seems like a sensible guy, as we hear that the locker-room always loved him.

    He obviously had the ability to be where he was being the boss’s son. But he was talented on-screen and a very entertaining heel. He really helped the Attitude Era, as he was always in the center of it.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    But think about it. Who is Shane? Nobody. If his name wasnt Macmahon would he be where he is at now? Doubt it. He wouldnt have the money, ties or business sense without his dad. That simple. Vince made him, in a business sense. An without any real notice u decide tO leave me? Ur my heir an u leave me. Vince is used to people doin what he wants, Shane didnt do that

  • diana hart smith

    My son Harry DH Smith is personal guest of Josh Barnett’s tonight at his fight against Bret Rogers in Dallas. Josh and Harry are fellow
    Billy Robinson disciples. Good luck Josh.

  • !?

    Rich people have feelings? I mean, not for nothing, Shane is f**king rich, as is his family. I agree with CC, it can’t be that difficult when you have that much money and can do whatever the hell you want in life.

  • CC

    At the end of the day though, when you are as rich as him and you know you can probably go back to WWE anytime you want, its probably not the most difficult decision to make.

  • uncle farker

    Shane is the man!!_