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Shane McMahon Parts Ways With WWE, Match Cut From Tonight’s SmackDown, Maryse & Miz

— After announcing resignation plans on October 16, 2009, Shane McMahon is no longer employed to World Wrestling Entertainment. He said his official resignation date would be January 1, 2010.

According to the company’s latest SEC filings, McMahon still owns 43,449 shares of WWE stock. On December 17, he cashed in 60,000 shares to receive $897,000 in gross proceeds. However, he also exercised stock options to acquire 60,000 shares priced between $12.94 and $13.45 per share. (source:

— A six person mixed tag match pitting The Hart Dynasty against Maria, Slam Master J and Jimmy Wang Yang was cut from tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown broadcast due to time constraints. The match saw The Hart Dynasty come out on top with Natalya applying the Sharpshooter to Maria following the bout.

Maryse is today’s “Daily Diva” on while The Miz is the “Superstar of the Day.”

Jeff Hardy returning? + see cut SmackDown footage ->

  • Tank

    HHH will probably be the most likely candidate to take over WWE when Vince is done.

  • Karina

    Wow, I was looking forward to see Natalya back in the ring.

  • Billy Mays

    We already knew that… Great job Wrestling-Edge posting the same god damn story over and over again

  • James Robert (a.k.a. Jim Bob)

    Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Masta J should form a stable called “Jobbers Inc”.

  • paul

    why is Shane Mac leaving WWE ?

  • Paul123

    it wasnt a pointless divas match! who would yu rather see wrestle… beth/mickie or maria?? but i do agree that khali shouldve been cut out n hart dynasty put on xD

  • BozZ!!

    What a shame all the shane’s situation i really was waiting for shane to take the command of wwe when vince decided to retire…but now what?!!! What Does depare to wwe??? I mean i dont think stephanie would make a good job and vince?? We wont have him 4 much…. They should bring heyman and bischoff jaja

  • Jacob

    I crunched the numbers on Shane’s Stock sell and rebuy. He sold those 60000 shares for an average of $14.95 each, Then bought another 60000 for I’ll just say the max of 13.45 according to the news story. He made a $1.50 MINIMUM on each share sold and rebought. $87,000 net profit and he still has all his shares. Albeit not the original ones. Eash money though, That’s buy a NICE Jaguar.

  • DK Monster

    Am I the only one who was pretty impressed with Jesse’s
    in-ring ability? I thought he was pretty good in his
    match against Harts last week..
    It’s kind of sad that WWE audience don’t give a crap about
    good wrestlers with no charisma.

  • RPM

    does this mean shane had no money or that he was just cashing in a large portion of stock to invest elsewhere incase WWE went under or lost profit?

  • Billy Mays

    I agree Mr. Devil

  • Devil_Rising

    So, probably the best match of the night, cut out so we could see Khali squash a nobody, and a pointless women’s match? Awesome.