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Shane McMahon could be turning heel very soon

Shane McMahon

Sam Roberts recently had Wade Keller as a guest on his Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where they discussed the recent events surrounding Shane McMahon.


Sam Roberts: “Who knows where this is going with Shane because as you said, him going and invading Raw is a mean thing to do and it has led to the beloved Daniel Bryan being beaten up which no fans want to see. Kevin Owens whole thing was that Shane wants to put himself ahead of everything, if his character is doing that, which it is, who knows that after Survivor Series someone brings up that he is becoming the next Mr.McMahon and letting power go to his head.

Wade Keller: “I would like that, but WWE hasn’t instilled in me a faith, based on the way that they portray, he has said if I am in a fight I was always taught to punch first. I don’t sense it’s part of a masterplan but I don’t think you can rule it out, if Shane orchestrated this and Daniel is trying to clean the mess and Shane is turning it is a good pay-off. I’m not sure looking at the landscape what the pay-off is, Stephanie can’t ever turn babyface so would you turn Triple H? Or you have him not worry about a match and have him try to fire Daniel Bryan.”

Sam Roberts: “You could have someone from SmackDown step up because there is going to be another big Shane McMahon match and I would think we will at least have one at WrestleMania if not the Royal Rumble, maybe he enters himself in the Rumble and that’s the catalyst and you have some hero eliminate Shane, you tell the same story the bad guys have told except this is true.”


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  • Steffan Pila

    Steffan Pila

    Daniel Byran will never turn heel, because he is beloved by many of the WWE Fans. It is Shane McMahon that will turn heel and will revert back to the “Giant Killer” Days. Make it happen, WWE!!!

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I suppose, but that’s a tired idea. The only way I’m okay with it is if it gets Daniel Bryan involved somehow.

    Bryan needs one more match against a Finn Balor, Kurt Angle, or someone of that caliber.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Okay you get points for a Screw Job reference

  • Will Henderson

    i doubt it’s Shane that’s turning heel, they just setup a perfect excuse for Daniel Bryan to turn heel.

    1. Sami Zyan (who just turned heel recently) told Daniel he has become what he was fighting against, and that is he’s Authority now, which everyone know’s Daniel Bryan’s past wars with the Authority.

    2. Shane went behind Daniel’s back to orchestrate the siege of Raw to fire the first shot, while Shane and SD were viewed as Heel on Raw, but true heel/face alignment goes out the window when it’s brand vs. brand. Daniel wasn’t happy with how it happened and did warn Shane that Raw’s gonna get their payback.

    3. Daniel went to Raw alone to try to bring peace back to the two brands and apologize for the previous week’s siege, Raw GM Kurt Angle didn’t want any of that and Daniel Bryan was the first victim of Kane’s rampage to send a clear message to Braun Strowman (Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose also were victims of Kane too) and would up leaving Raw “on a stretcher”.

    it’s say to say, they written Daniel Bryan out for this week and possibly next week to set up the heel turn.

  • Soulshroude

    The speculation is tiresome and boring…

  • CC

    So invading Raw was a nasty thing to do, and is a sign that he could be turning heel?
    So does that mean every single baby face involved in that invasion is turning heel too?
    Ya know, people like The New Day. They turning heel too?

  • oppa

    It’s the 20th anniversary of Montreal. Of course he’s turning heel.