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Sharmell Discusses WCW Nitro Girls, Thinks Similar Group Would Bring Excitement to WWE

– WWE’s website has a new interview up with former WWE Diva Sharmell. Sharmell discusses The WCW Nitro Girls – a dance group she was involved in years ago during the Monday Night Wars.

“We had to be on point and perfect every night because we knew the whole world was going to see it. And every week we had a different [live] audience, so we never knew what to expect. All of that just added to the excitement of performing on Nitro. The electricity from the fans, the desire to be perfect … that’s what made the Nitro Girls so memorable.”

The wife of Booker T talked about former Nitro Girl Stacy Keibler.

“I don’t think WCW management realized that the Nitro Girls would eventually become as popular as we did. When we held that contest, there were a lot of girls that really wanted to be Nitro Girls. We had the competitions in different cities and the auditions were packed, but we were fortunate to get Stacy. She won fair and square, and no one could have predicted the impact she would have on wrestling and pop culture.”

Sharmell feels The Nitro Girls could have a place in WWE today.

“I really think we were ground-breaking, especially in sports-entertainment.We had calendars, magazines and videos of our own. We really made an impact. There are a number of talented Divas competing today, but I really feel that a group like the Nitro Girls could bring an extra level of excitement to WWE.”

  • My Morning Jacket

    As much I loved watching the Nitro Girls during my puberty days, thank you Fyre, Skye (Stacy) and Whisper (HBK you lucky SOB!), Nitro Girls today…

  • Icetray

    Did she really say the nitro girls were “groundbreaking”?

  • Mark

    WWE already did this years ago. That is where Kelly Kelly came from. She used to dance with some other girls between matches in WWE’s ECW

  • SYM

    @Shawn we get enough of that Bull with Brodus Clay and the “SISTAS”, but I honestly just want to see the Divas Wrestle.

  • Shawn

    Instead of having a “Diva’s match” on Raw sometimes, why not just have the “Divas” dance on stage for a couple minutes. Think about it… wouldn’t that be better? Would you rather have a couple cheerleaders dancing on the set or watch a Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox match? Again…. THINK ABOUT IT! I’m not saying to do away with the Diva’s division, just keep it exclusive to women that can wrestle! In WCW, Madusa and Jacqueline weren’t ‘Nitro Girls’, they were women wrestlers. Imagine how popular the “Raw Girls” could be! Vince likes to have 6 vs 6 Diva matches that last a little over a minute just to showcase them. Make ’em dance instead of ‘wrestle’. It’ll get the job done and won’t be filled with a ton of botched spots.

  • SYM

    WTF Sharmell doin interviews for? She need to take her ass Home.

  • Elizabeth

    Its pretty bad when men don’t want sexy women dancing during

  • Myers

    As far as WWE getting a Nitro Girl type thing going on RAW….NO! NO! NO!

  • Simon

    Yeah, because thats what we need: more women who cant wrestle on the program, rather then building up the Womens division.